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Today we are gonna redefine what being out of your comfort zone means in my first video from Bangkok… Check it out below.

I was a bit out of it after exhausting flight to do a video, but I think I got my point across and the main thing was to push myself. I failed to do that in Helsinki and wasn’t about to let that happen again. It is all a part of building momentum for this trip. I know the start is gonna be slow anyway cause I just get so unbelievably anxious at first.

Anyway, lets get to today’s subject. As detailed in the video, by Zone of Awesomeness I am referring to that zone out of your comfort zone, pushing your limits.

Just by mindlessly doing tough acts isn’t going to bring you success in itself, but it still beats doing nothing which is why I would always err on the side of challenging myself more.

Of course, there’s the point where you go beyond Zone of Awesomeness, and instead go too far and actually detriment yourself. That happened to me in the army – it was simply too much for my system and instead of making me tougher, it broke me down, at least on a certain mental level. Even then I’d say it did give me certain toughness, at least when I get stressed I know I have experienced worse.

For most people, challenging yourself too much is not a problem. Our lives are too lax, too easy. Learning the habit to push against The Flinch, as Julien Smith calls it, is very useful.

It trains your mind to do what you tell it to do despite the circumstances. Despite being tired, despite being anxious, despite whatever it is that is making you uncomfortable. It is teaching you to not give in just because of some inner, or even sometimes some external resistance. No matter what you feel, just doing it as you planned.

Just doing push-ups on sharp rocks doesn’t develop a well-rounded awesomeness into you, though. It will make you pain tolerant and gritty in a certain sense, but it wont make you any less socially anxious (speaking from experience). That’s why everything you do, you have to find the Zone of Awesomeness in it, not just push yourself in one area.

In some things, Zone of Awesomeness doesn’t even necessarily mean uncomfortable things. It just means the mundane and the repetitive – like practicing some hard new skill with ball when playing soccer. You try and you fail, and you try and try. Most people just kick around when they practice, but you instead focus on whats hard and not so fun. In the end you will be better player even with same quantity of practice. You’re willing to go beyond fun and easy forms of practice.

Zone of Awesomeness exists everywhere and you can always expand it. For some people it might be something as simple as looking someone else into the eyes and resisting the feeling to watch away. For other peoples it might mean crossing the English canal by swimming, or something crazy like that. Hell, those two might even be same people – you can be in incredible shape and still be completely socially anxious.

That’s why its important to push it in the every facet of life and make it a point to push your awesomeness every day. It needs to be a habit. You need to be asking yourself, did I reach the zone of Awesomeness in what I just did?

If not… Well you can always fix it now. One more time. One more effort. When you feel like quitting, going on a little bit longer. It all stacks up over time and makes a big difference in the end. That’s why its important to have a positive mental narrative of it as opposed to seeing it as a drudgery without a point. Even if it in isolation is kind of pointless, you can still see the bigger picture by saying fuck yeah, I reached the Zone of Awesomeness today, and its a small brick in my palace.

It will then become easier and easier to push into it – but at the same time to really push it you need to be doing more and more. I’m all about taking our lives to the limits they can go. I’m not the most extreme guy myself, for me on a day like this it is more than enough to just get a video done, but it builds onto that momentum and to reach my Zone of Awesomeness its gonna take a lot more at the end of the month. I hope I still keep reaching for it every day. Setting the tone right from the start is important.

Drop a comment if this made any sense… or especially if it didn’t :D

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