Wanting the Reality

Eastern philosophy often talks about being in non-resistance to reality. When you have no resistance to the state of affairs, you are at your most peaceful state of mind and thus best-equipped to deal with the situation you are in. Depression, complaining, anxiety, etc. all stem from having some kind of resistance to way things are – that is why non-resistance is good.

I’m going to talk about the same idea, but the way I frame it is by phrasing it “wanting the reality.”

What I mean by this? I mean that you achieve non-resistance when you actually want the situations as they are. I have had a lot of resistance over my financial situation over in the past weeks. How did I overcome it? I started wanting it to be the way it is. I can see that you look quite perplexed right now. “You can’t seriously want to be broke, especially when you’re about to go into a foreign country?” You might say.

Obviously I’m not happy about being broke, but I’m pretty calm and peaceful about it. Things are just the way they are supposed to be. Lazy guys shouldn’t have a lot of money. I believe having no money is exactly the experience I need right now – and with that believe comes the wanting of the current reality. It ties in nicely with the yesterday’s post, where I said I believe that every experience you have is exactly what you need. When you believe that, it’s obvious you are wanting any current experience you’re having – cause you know you are needing it.

When you want things the way they are, you are at non-resistance. Cause what is non-resistance but wanting the things just the way they are?

But of course no-one never is completely non-resistant to reality. But to that I say that whatever it is you are resisting, you can snap out of it by reminding yourself to want it.

So there are my thoughts for today. Maybe this is more esoteric than my usual posts, but whatever, if I’m going to post every day, whatever concepts I’m thinking have to be enough. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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