UAS Tracking

As stated earlier, I will start keeping track of my Universal Awesomeness scores on here. Enjoy.

Existing Records

Top Ten Weeks of All Time

  1. Week 40/2013 – 475
  2. Week 16/2014 – 440
  3. Week 41/2013 – 403
  4. Week 3/2014 – 391
  5. Week 15/2014 – 383
  6. Week 45/2013 – 331
  7. Week 44/2013 – 293
  8. Week 1/2014 – 274
  9. Week 43/2013 – 254
  10. Week 47/2013 – 245

Top Nine Days of All Time

Will expand this to twenty as I keep improving on these.

  1. October 10th, 2013 – 114
  2. October 15th, 2013 – 99
  3. November 28th, 2013 – 95
  4. October 17th, 2013 – 92
  5. April 19th, 2014 – 89
  6. April 20th, 2014 – 86
  7. October 31st, 2013 – 82
  8. January 17th, 2014 – 81
  9. January 19th, 2014 – 81

My comments on my records so far is that the current year has been disappointment. Only one week in the top-10 weeks and as for days, I can’t even match up to my last year’s top days. October was a really strong month last year, after November I’ve been in a downward spiral. Let’s see if that spiral is starting to head upwards with the first weekly report on the system here.

2014 Records So Far

Top Ten Weeks

  1. Week 16 – 440
  2. Week 3 – 391
  3. Week 15 – 383
  4. Week 1 – 274
  5. Week 2 – 214
  6. Week 4 – 184
  7. Week 21 – 156
  8. Week 17 – 153
  9. Week 14 – 150
  10. Week 19 – 139

Top Ten Days

  1. April 18th – 89
  2. April 19th – 86
  3. January 17th – 81
  4. January 19th – 81
  5. April 20th – 80
  6. January 18th – 78
  7. April 13th – 76
  8. January 9th – 75
  9. April 14th – 65
  10. January 3rd – 64

Weekly Reports (latest always first)

Week 22/2014

Well as you can see this whole page has gotten messed up. I think I am going to move everything into a Google Spreadsheet and put it publicly visible there, rather than keep a page like this since WordPress always seems to want to mess things up for me. So I will try to work a new document in next week for my tracking.

In the meantime, let’s quickly recap last week.

Points:  5-4+26+22-1+25+25 = 98

Pretty typical week in context of the year, so definitely not good enough considering the situation. Last week before Brazil has to be laser sharp focus.  I also lost my streak on writing due to forgetting – again further engraining the fact that having some sort of regime in your day is so important if you are scatterbrained, otherwise you are just gonna forget important shit.

Week 21/2014

Points: 5+10+26+51+30+35-1 = 156 One of the final three weeks leading up to the Brazil trip, and improvement was called for. I got some of it, but definitely to be fully prepared for Brazil I will need to score at least 300 points on the last two weeks. The potential is there, as you can see from my top days.  The sad thing is that a week that’s mediocre by any standards still can rank up as high as #6 in my this years scores so far. Streaks: Workout 48 days Stretch min. 30 min 36 days Written 750 words 61 days Streaks are running steadily, these three have become my daily staples again. Weekly totals: 3.5 hours of The Path 27.5 hours of effective work 7 exercise sessions 210 minutes total of stretching 825 grams of protein eaten 0 liters of water drank 1½ hours of football 0.5 hours of reading Things that stick out from the numbers are the fact that I’m still not reading nearly enough, and also my water drinking habits fluctuate a lot. I’ve gone from drinking about 40 litres on my best week to back to zero… I guess I just don’t like needing to take a piss every few seconds.

Week 20/2014

Points: -18-17-18+45+18+27+17 = 54 I fully indulged in my bad habits again, resulting in a heavily negative start of the week. In the end I saved the week to a reasonable level but it’s another drop in level compared to last week. Brazil is only 3 weeks away, I need to start blasting away.

Week 19/2014

Points: 25+1+29+18+36+3+27 = 139 Bit of an upward slant again, and I somehow managed to stay on plus side for the whole week despite returning to full indulgence of bad habits. After this week you can no longer get to this year’s top-10 with a week of less than 100 points, which is positive, albeit even that score is kinda low. Four full weeks left before Brazil – before that I think it is realistic to expect that bar to be set at over 150 points. Streaks: Workout 34 days Stretch min. 30 min 32 days Written 750 words 47 days Weekly totals: 3.5 hours of The Path 22 hours of effective work 7 exercise sessions 210 minutes total of stretching 550 grams of protein eaten 1.5 liters of water drank 1½ hours of football 0 hours of reading

Week 18/2014

Points: 3-9+33+9+36+10-8 = 74 Return to equilibrium. My working habits were absolutely horrific. The silver lining is that it didn’t make the top-10 of the year any more, which means that things are getting better, but as Brazil trip is about a month away, I need to be blasting away.

Week 17/2014

Points: 9-11+1+31+32+63+28 = 153 In the context of the year so far this week actually isn’t half that bad… but on the context of last week being all-time second best with my new system it doesn’t kinda seem right. I simply fell off my way and when my habits collapse, they truly collapse.

Week 16/2014

Points: 65+57+10+53+89+86+80 = 440 By far the best week of the year so far. I was really clicking into gear. Top two days of the year so far as well, I was kicking ass. Four days broke into top ten of the year.

Week 15/2014

Points 28+53+46+59+60+61+76 = 383 Talk about crushing the 200 point barrier – when things click, they truly click. I absolutely smashed the said threshold and indeed scored the second best week of the year, only beaten by my last week in Malaysia, where I just worked and exercised out of being too sad to do anything else. Indeed this also makes to 4th place of the all-time list. With the slump of the earlier year, this is an excellent performance. As said, I expect to keep blasting away and things are only starting to peak – maybe before Brazil I will manage to crush my record week as well. Certainly the best week of the year is lined up next if I keep this up. As you can see, the point trend is still headed upwards and its very realistic to expect over 400 points next week. There’s no real peak days either, instead I just amassed the points by consistent grinding away, though of course I did constantly improve.  Three days did break the top-10 rankings for the year, but needless to say if I manage to put in one or two real peak days to a consistently great week, my all time score is within reach. Streaks Currently Running: 20+ points for 12 days in a row. 40+ points for 6 days in a row. 50+ points for 4 days in a row. 60+ poits for 3 days in a row. 19 days of writing at least 750 words / day At least 4 hours of work for 11 days in a row. 6 days of exercising in a row Stretching at least 30 minutes for 4 days in a row. Week’s Statistics 4 hours of The Path 35.5 hours of effective work 6 exercise sessions 120 minutes total of stretching 950 grams of protein eaten 29 liters of water drank 1½ hours of football 1½ hours of reading

Week 14/ 2014

Points 21-21+26+30+22+27+45 = 150 Well what did I tell you, even 150 is possible and that’s just what I did! Little slump on Tuesday but apart that a steady week that’s pointing to a strongly upwards trend. I’d not be surprised if I crush 200 points next week. There’s about 60 days before my Brazil trip and it is starting to look like I’m gonna blast away that time in between. I better be for keeping up with the good routine will be difficult in Brazil. Sunday nearly reaches yearly top-10 – I’m sure next week might even have couple of days that breach that barrier. Streaks Currently Running: 20+ points for 5 days in a row. 13 days of writing at least 750 words / day Week’s Statistics 3.5 hours of The Path 27 hours of effective work 4 exercise sessions 60 minutes total of stretching 500 grams of protein eaten 2.5 liters of water drank ½ hours of football 4.5 hours of reading

Week 13 / 2014

Points 33-28-32+19+19+26+32 = 69 I improved, but not by as much as I expected. This time the slump was in midweek, but the ration between good and bad days is slowly improving. I feel in my mental state though that I am starting to tip towards better again. Next week the minimum expectation is to break 100 points – I think even 150 is possible. The irony is that even as such a weak week, this still easily makes it to top ten of this year so far. Top ten days of year so far tell the brutal truth – I’ve not managed to break a top day since last January. Just using my time very ineffectively. Streaks Currently Running: 20+ points for 2 days in a row. 10+ points for 4 days in a row. 5 days of writing at least 750 words / day Week’s Statistics 4 hours of The Path 30½ hours of effective work Two exercise sessions 0 minutes total of stretching 375 grams of protein eaten 2 liters of water drank 1½ hours of football

Week 12 / 2014

Points 2-16-28+24+7+13+26 = 28 Another very weak week. What I really need to do is stop the pattern of stinking in the early parts of the week. This week though even the end recovery wasn’t really all that great, but at least I strung four positive days together. It is kind of sad that it has come to that point that even getting to the positive side is a daily struggle. But rebuilding of habits could make anything happen. The most significant impact for my points would be resuming working out which I intend to do next week – that already generates about 70-100 points more per week. Streaks Currently Running: 0+ points for 4 days in a row. Week’s Statistics 26 hours of effective work No exercise session 0 minutes total of stretching 375 grams of protein eaten 0 liters of water drank (I know, embarrassing) 0 hours of football

Week 11 / 2014

Points: -13-39-37+40+32+29+20 = 32 Very similar week to last week, with the only major differences being that I started much worse and recovered a bit less towards the end of the week. Was the promises of better things last week a mere false dawn? I hope not, but consistency has been lacking from my scores so far this year. I need to simply start to string some 100+ point weeks together. Streaks currently running: 20+ points 4 days a row. Week’s Statistics 28 hours of effective work 1 exercise session 30 minutes total of stretching 325 grams of protein eaten 0 liters of water drank (I know, embarrassing) 0.5 hours of football

Week 10 / 2014

Points: 7-40-17+19+43+34+31 = 77 Due to horrid start which saw me score couple of negative days, this week actually wasn’t an improvement over week nine which scored 90 points for me. Both weeks are below 100 which I considered already “pretty bad” in my original UAS post, which just goes to show that I’ve been nowhere near my best lately.  Hell, I’ve scored like many times in my lifes more points in a day than I’m doing in a week at the moment. It is kinda sad thought. The positive spin is that there’s sign of better things to come, as you can see from my end of the week which saw me string three days of over 30 points together. It is only considered “Mediocre” by my daily score ratings but this is no time for disempowering thoughts. When you are climbing yourself up from the bottom, anything like that is a good thing. Hell, I can’t even call it mediocre by my own standards – after all, if you look at my records, say I put seven 40 point days together in a week I’d already get a nearly top-5 week. Granted, from my previous system there would be many weeks on that list but thanks to the scores not being directly convertible, only scores set from Week 40 of last year are up there. Streaks currently running: 30+ points 3 days in a row. Week’s Statistics 30.5 hours of effective work* 3 exercise sessions 30 minutes total of stretching 225 grams of protein eaten** 0 liters of water drank (I know, embarrassing) 1.5 hours of football *I have to put in 40 hours every week, but if my concentration is loose I credit myself with less hours. All categories of work (The Path, Valuable, The Grind) are accounted into this number. ** Real number might be a bit higher but I wasn’t very careful with tracking it so I always underestimate in those causes.