The Importance of Protein

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The Importance of Protein

I’ve been telling people about importance of eating protein in my book, in the sales copy of it and probably in some other places I’ve already forgotten. But it is a really important thing, much more important than you probably even realize.

When I started doing research for my book, I already was eating a lot of protein. Why? Cause I thought it would increase my muscle mass and that was what I was trying to do. Well, I’ve probably gained some muscle mass since that day, but I’ve also realized that eating plenty of protein maintains health in much more ways than just by increasing muscle mass.

It’s the ultimate raw material for body regeneration, not just for muscle tissue, but also for other tissues like joints and it also is needed for in liver for cleaning up your body. That’s just scratching the surface, but the point is this: you need a lot of protein from your diet.

Protein Should Be a Part of Every Meal

What exactly is the right amount of protein to have every day? Frankly it’s impossible to say exactly . It also depends what are your goals. I recommend in my book at least 100 grams for everyone, preferably closer to 150 grams for men, but I give some alternative recommendations as well in my book.

I recommend you find out your own good level by incrementally increasing your intake. When you start gaining some muscle mass, that should be the right amount for you, at least for the moment.

People in general aren’t eating this much protein, for a number of reasons. Main reason for this is that people are filling up their stomach with carbs, which, ironically, aren’t even as satiating as protein-heavy foods would be.

Luckily making the change for the better isn’t hard. Protein-heavy foods like meat, fish, cheeses, nuts and seeds offer a wide-range to pick from and they have something that’s good-tasting for everyone. In addition to this, there’s a lot of good-tasting protein powders available these day. Now I’m not advising you to go down the supplementation road, I always prefer real food, but for some people it’s perfectly reasonable to use protein powders as a significant protein source. I touch on this with more detail in my book.

Biggest problem in this of course is that you can’t exactly know how much protein the food you eat has, and certainly constantly counting it to make sure you reach your limit would get tiring after a while.

Here’s how I solved it. I started to have my protein as a 25 g increments, and just found out how much roughly that 25 grams of protein is of the foods I generally eat. From there on, I just went with gut feeling and tried to make up 4 of these increments every day (I only aimed for 100 grams initially).

Simplest way to solve this protein issue is of course simply to have plenty of protein on every meal.

Eating a lot of protein and having it on every meal will lead to increased satiety and thus weight loss if you are overweight. On the other hand, if you are skinny, increasing protein intake might cause you to put on some muscle mass.

The very least I’m telling you to do after reading this is to follow your protein intake for couple of days and really look into how much of it you are roughly ingesting every day. For me doing this was quite an eye-opener and led to the earlier-described change; I was only eating about 40 grams of protein on regular days. No wonder I was a skinny bastard (still am, but slightly less scrawny skinny bastard). Even if you have zero desire to get more muscular, you will increase your energy levels and overall health by upping your protein intake.

So that’s what should be your takeaway from this article. Add the protein, that will naturally decrease your carb load as you will be sated with less food.

How much protein you eat? What’s your favorite source of protein? Share your thoughts below.

This is of course only scratching the surface, and my book will have much more information regarding how to eat healthy…

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