The Esteemed Sir Challenge

So it has been a while since the Kickstart Challenge ended. I considered it a success even though strictly speaking I failed to reach couple of parameters on some weeks, however I reset the goals for those weeks and reached some alternative goal – so it is close enough in the end.

Besides, the kickstart challenge completed the things it set out to complete – kickstarting my productivity. Now I have not quite reached the highest peaks I was on during the previous challenges, but I have gotten up to a higher baseline level.

It is time to ramp up the challenge. This time the challenge is called “The Esteemed Sir Challenge”, because the reward is some expensive shit that I have been feeling oddly drawn to yet I don’t really need. That is uncharacteristic of me, and so the challenge will be at a quite high difficulty level.

I actually fully expect to fail this challenge due to its high difficulty level, but like I said, I don’t really need the items that I would reward myself, that cost more money than I usually spend on anything, so when the reward is high, the challenge should be high as well. If I am going to splurge, might as well use it as a leverage to elevate my life to the next level.

Instead of it being daily challenge, I will once again go after weekly quotas on different things. First and foremost goal at the moment I have is getting into the best shape of my life, so first segment of the challenge is exercise. In my Universal Awesomeness Score tracker I have a tab for my exercise tracking where I have (quite irregularly) tracked my exercise sessions with intensity rating 1-3 for each session. So the weekly quotas are just sums of those intensity ratings.

To make it more understandable, a sum of 18 could be 6 super intense sessions of 18 very light sessions, or 9 moderate ones, or any combination of them that sums up to 18. Also I require myself to start stretching more. The challenge will last for 6 weeks, getting harder every week.

The Fitness Quotas:
Week 1: 18 / 3 hours of stretching
Week 2: 21 / 3.5 hours of stretching
Week 3: 23 / 4 hours of strectching
Week 4: 25 / 4.5 hours of stretching
Week 5: 27 / 5 hours of stretching
Week 6: 28 / 5 hours of stretching.

The next up for the challenge is reading. It is something I love but something I somehow always fail to have time to do. Now all this reading should be long-form reading, in other words, BOOKS, not just blogs and shit.

Reading Quotas:
Week 1: 2 hours
Week 2: 4 hours
Week 3: 6 hours
Week 4: 8 hours
Week 5: 9 hours
Week 6: 10 hours

Final part of the challenge is productivity, however this time I dont focus on the main work I do but rather on my side projects. No quotas this time, instead, there will be two separate goals for completing projects.

By the end of week 3, my intention is to have cleared out all the videos and posts I have on queue for the blog. They have been on my to-do list forever, so now is time to do it, or if they are not good enough at least check them and abandon, should that be the case.

For the second half of the challenge I tackle on another project I have been wanting to do for a long time – that is reworking and rewriting my old nutrition book Healthy Eating. While lot of the data on it has not changed since I wrote it, my overall views have gotten more practical and I am not really happy with the book. Also I want to re-edit it and rework it into more functional book. So publishing the 2nd Edition of the book is my goal for the 2nd half of the challenge.

Aside those two goals, of course I want to keep my writing streak alive by writing 750 words every day, and finally for my work I want to retain the goal of getting to 30 hours of work done before end of Friday just like in the kickstart challenge. However, I won’t have bar for effective work this time around.

So upon completion of all of the above, the challenge will be completed at the end of the six weeks.

Now I gotta add that I might slightly alter the challenge based on how it feels on the first week, once I get a feel how all these parameters feel in practice. However I will retain that the difficulty level of the challenge will stay high, so the alterations will be to higher difficulty if it feels too easy, or if it feels that the goals I set are absolutely impossible (unlikely), I will ease them off a little bit.

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