The End of Spiral of Awesomeness™

Lotsa challenges ended yesterday. Today’s post is all about wrapping up Spiral of Awesomeness™ Challenge and some first updates on my Four Months to Income Challenge. Most of it in form of a video:

Going Through the Challenge

Let’s go through all individual parts of the original challenge in terms of how well I did on them:

The Path ~3-4 hours

In other words, for me this meant writing about three hours a day every day. This was perfectly successful, indeed for full 12 weeks that the original 12-week challenge already started. Granted, I sometimes was very distracted and I still have a lot to improve in the process itself, but I wrote over a quarter million of words during this time, so if I’m not satisfied with that, then I don’t know what satisfies me.

Working out 20 minutes-2 hours

Another perfect thing – I’ve been getting to pretty good shape. That being said, in the end a way too large portion of my workouts ends up nearer the shorter range – but you know what, fuck it, I do it every day and it is bringing results. I have nothing to complain, now it is just all about increasing the quality.

Stretching/Yoga 30 minutes

I don’t think I did yoga once, which is a bit disappointing fact, but I did stretch every single day. Again, a healthy thing to do and my body feels good.

Meditation 30 minutes

I had one outright missed day and a couple of cases that were borderline (I fell asleep while meditating). My meditation sessions generally were very sucky. Still struggling with this habit, but I’m putting the time in, so it will eventually start to click in.

Only cold showers not long cause you can’t stand it for long

Yes, I did this. Only just came out of my first hot shower in 8 months. As I said in a comment to my Merits of Cold Showers post, I can’t stand the coldest water on my head, it actually makes me feel woozy in just few seconds, and I need more than few seconds to wash my long hair, so I turn it slightly less cold for that. I am relieved to not have to do these all the time – they are great and I will keep doing them, but the comfort seeking part of me absolutely loathes it.

Additional Challenge: 1 hour of reading a day

I completed this – it didn’t turn out to be all that additional challenge. One hour of reading turned out to be fairly easy to incorporate to my life.

Stopping masturbation

Well, this is where I really failed hard. I would go as far to say this is the hardest challenge out of all of these, because it is all about wrestling with a biological desire (presuming you are not having sex – if you are it becomes easy).

Stopping eating junk food

This was a pretty much perfect success – granted, my diet is far from perfect, but I definitely stayed clear of worst crap.

Not drinking anything but water

Largely a success – with couple of acceptable exception. For instance, one day at work with my dad I ran out of my water so I drank dad’s soda just to keep hydrated. I didn’t cheat once because my willpower let go.

Did my life Spiral to Awesomeness due to the challenge overall? Well maybe that is a bit strong statement, but I definitely feel like I’m actually a hard-working guy now, as opposed to eight weeks ago, and I’m definitely raring to go for more. The past eight weeks have had me working harder than ever.

Eight Weeks of the Challenge

One final wrap-up for the challenge is to look how do the past eight weeks measure up in comparison to the most productive weeks of my life, according to my point system.

First week: #4 of all time

Second week: #7 of all time

Third week: #2 of all time

Fourth week: #6 of all time

Fifth week: Just out of top-10 of all time

Sixth week: #8 of all time

Seventh week: #5 of all time

Eighth week: Best week of all time

That tells everything you want to know how much of a success for me on a personal level the challenge was – the two most productive weeks of my life and seven out of eight weeks to my all time top ten. It’s not even the peak productivity about this that’s the biggest success, it is the fact that there was such consistency of high productivity for a long period of time.

But the hard part starts now – retaining that productivity for months and years to come. That is the only way that massive success is really created.

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