Japan Day 18 – Thank Yous

My trip is winding down. Last full day is drawing its final breath. I do some minor reflecting on this video and go through a bunch of people who made this trip possible for me… however, the video is kinda ruined. I think either my mic was poorly plugged, or it is broken, cause the video has background static.

Nothing I can do about it though. Will see for tomorrow’s video, final one from Japan, if the mic indeed is crooked or if I was just careless. I think the thanks can be heard anyway through the static, though it obviously sucks.

So yeah, thanks for all involved, all I hope is that I didn’t forget anyone. In any case, Japan has been an enjoyable experience, and I will surely be reflecting on it for a long time in my future posts.

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  1. Sergio Felix February 22, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    Hey Jarkko, it was incredibly difficult to be able to listen to you but you already know the sound isn’t good on this video so I’ll just focus on what I actually want to tell you…

    I’ve watched all your videos and I appreciate the time you have put into this trip.

    This is certainly a great and inspiring project that no matter how hard things get, there’s always a way to overcome them and you just did that here.

    Big congrats to you for keeping up with your daily video routine and speaking in public.

    I think you definitely had a lot of fun with this and hope you have a great day tomorrow as well on your trip back home.

    All the best man and keep on rocking! ;-)


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