Japan Day 3: Talking in Front of a Crowd

What’s up? Time for third update from Japan journey. If I counted correctly, 16 updates left to be done – so we are bit over one seventh in. Time really passes by in a blaze, yet at the same time the challenge ahead of me still feels big. 16 more videos? In front of people? Endless bullshit about getting your travel handled? Forced social situations with strangers?

Definitely challenging time in front of me. But I know it does good for me.

In tonight’s video I talk about what I’m doing at that moment – about talking in front of a crowd.

So yeah, it’s getting super late again so I’m keeping this brief, so that I maybe could get lavish 3½ hours of sleep (I swear if I don’t improve this soon I will just die). Only thing I have to add to the video is that the improvement in mental approach to making videos has been really fast given it was only second time in front of a crowd. Meaning that the initial threshold isn’t even that bad, if you just stick it out.

I can see it becoming ease by the end of the trip, but guess there’s always a little anxiety. It might even be expandable to many other concepts.

2 Responses to “Japan Day 3: Talking in Front of a Crowd”

  1. Sergio Felix February 7, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    Hahaha this has to be the best video I have ever watched from you and best update EVER too my man.

    I’m super happy that the natural YOU came through on the video since you were genuinely laughing and being on the moment there.

    Looking forward to the next updates and hope you don’t die from being too sleepy and not sleeping enough, jet lag is indeed a bitch!


    • Jarkko Helenius February 7, 2013 at 11:33 pm #

      Thanks Sergio :) I’m happy you liked it. I would hope there is even more improvement in store.

      I hope it would be just jet lag, but its also anxiety causing me sleep issues and having to constantly stay up late to finish all of my stuff after a day combined with having to get up early to get as much as possible covered.

      Guess I’ll have better time to sleep in general after I return from Finland anyway :)


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