Take The Right Action

I’m not feeling well today. Having a really bad day. I have them occasionally too.

So not exactly in the mood to writing a blog post – which is why only topic I wanted to write about for today was taking the right action regardless of how you feel.

The more deeper I delve into personal development, the more it actually comes down to this simple truth. You already know what you’re supposed to be doing  - what is the right action – but you just aren’t doing it.

You know you should push out more writing. “Eeh, well I’ve worked harder than usual lately, I just reward myself by playing a bit of Skyrim.” Bullshit. Take the right action!

“Fuck it, I can get away with that bag of chips, I’ll just eat it”. Nope, take the right action!

“I’m not feeling up to posting to blog. I just want  to go to bed and wallow in sadness.” Well waa-waa mr. cry-baby, you’re not going to do that. You’re going to sit down and write a god damn blog post. Cause that is the right action, and you’re going damn well take it.

Taking the right action is in the end probably the single most important skill you can cultivate – Think how much better your life were if every single minute of your life was spent taking the right action. You’d be like Richard Branson on speed.

Of course we are not robots and we will never be spending every minute of our lives taking the right action. But we can strive for that. We can strive for spending our time better. We can earn small victories every day. Turn off that TV and instead craft a plan to make your dreams come true.

For me, writing this blog post is the right action. Some might say that knowing that right action is the bigger challenge that actually stops them. I disagree. I feel that deep down, we know what the right action is.

For certain I know this: No action is always the wrong action.

So when I go to Japan I will certainly feel overwhelmed some days and not like shooting my daily videos. But I pledge here that I will take the right action regardless how I feel. I’m going ignore my bullshit excuses and just do it.

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