Staying on the Narrow Path to Success

Staying on the narrow path to success is one of the hardest things there is – it is so easy to veer away and it happens to everybody. That’s really the key skill in life in the end – just learning to avoid diverging off the path. In the end, the more you stay on the path, the longer way you are going to make on it.

Let’s face it – success is very, very simple. Deceptively simple, in fact. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it all out and often I’ve noticed when studying very successful people is that they aren’t necessarily remarkably smart people. Sometimes they are, but high intellect is definitely not a requirement for success. What these people had going their way though was that they stayed on their paths like motherfuckers. Just full-on tunnel vision to their goal, not stopping moving until they reach that goal.

There might be a million different guides online on how to make it in this and that, but universally success in anything ┬áreally is all about effort and consistency – staying on the path. But as said, it’s so easy to drop off that path. So easy to eat that junk food. So easy to spend that afternoon just playing games. So easy to not write a blog post, rather just do something easier than try to figure out something remotely insightful to tell other people.

Every time you do something that doesn’t take you closer to your goals, you go off the path. Sure, it might be just a small detour, but over the time it really adds up. That’s why the skill is to snap out of it.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with playing games, eating junk food, spending a night drinking beer, whatever it might be that is your vice. I’m all for going for it. As long as it happens with the full knowledge and acute consciousness of the fact that every time you do it, you are sacrificing your progress on the path. That in the end, this moment wasted will see you not make it as far on the path as you could have made. Just a little bit more of your potential won’t be reached. You leave some success on the table that you could have otherwise had.

What’s success anyway? For me it’s getting the things you want out of your life. You might want different things than me. If for you its all about hammering chips to your mouth and playing World of Warcraft, more power to you, you will get a lot of success in your life. If that’s really what you want, then you are better off already than 90 % of the people – you at least know what you really want. For me the goal is to “become awesome”, that might be just the overlaying idea that points to everything in my mind, but in the end that’s what I’m going for.

No one ever became awesome from eating garbage, getting wasted and destructive habits like that. Except Charlie Sheen. You become awesome by putting yourself to the test. By stepping up to the plate each and every day. Each and every hour. Each and every minute. Is that possible? Of course not. But the more you can avoid that reaction of stepping off the path, the longer way you are going to make in the end. To get ahead of most of the pack it doesn’t even take that much. The further along the path you get the lonelier it gets. “Come on, come check out these bushes” the other’s will say along the path, but you keep treading along. Only at times you will come across an another walker of the path. But it’s worth it just to see the new landscapes.

So resist that temptation. Leave your phone alone for a moment. Don’t read yet another blog post. Don’t watch any more videos. Get back moving. Get to work.

So yeah, that’s my today’s post, better give it a rest before I get too metaphorical. I hope reading this post helps you stay on your path instead of having just been another detour on it. Stay focused and keep at it! See you next week.

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