Spiral of Awesomeness™: Halfway There

You got an extra update regarding my challenge in the midweek due to my failure, but as you know from that post, the challenge goes on and with last week ending, I’m now at halfway point of the challenge. So with nothing much else on my mind right now, I decided I’ll reflect back on the first half of the challenge.

Spiraling Towards Awesomeness?

The first four weeks of the challenge have very much been a success even though in the end the challenge has already failed. Still, out of the 28 days I’ve done so far I’ve successfully completed all the Challenge tasks on 27. In the process all the daily habits of writing for three hours, working out, meditating, stretching and reading have all ingrained themselves in my daily routine. Just forgetting about all the other changes in my life over the past month or so, my productivity rise has been the most distinct.

Those following my Twitter know that the week three of the challenge was my all-time record week in my productivity score. In many ways it is not completely accurate measure of productivity cause it only measures quantity for the most part, not quality, but since it’s all I have to measure it with, I will have to go by it. Last four weeks all reside in top-5 weeks of my life in my productivity all-time list, ever since I started keeping scores in 2011. So I’m now consistently keeping up the productivity level that was my absolute peak performance at 2012. So I think its safe to assume that whatever peak performance I achieve during the end of the year will become the norm at some point of 2014.

It is an exciting prospect to say the least.

Change Takes Time

That being said, for the most part my life is still the same. I’m still not working enough it seems as you always seem to uncover just more and more you should do, and I’m still not earning enough – that’s something that this newly found increased work ethic will improve, but it will take time for it to reflect on my income level, and with still such relatively low time investment (~20-30 hours of work a week) any improvements won’t be drastic. Essentially I’m merely starting to reach the hours that everyone working in the corporate world are putting in.

The advantage of course is that I don’t need a boss to whip me into action. Also, now that I’ve achieved this 20-30 hour work range, its easier to start going for the 40-hour weekly workload. Rome wasn’t build in a day, and you can’t just jump into the moon, yadiyadiyada. In other words, all improvement in gradual bar for some freak outlier cases.

There has been some changes I’ve immediately felt. Achieving the regular workout routine back has certainly lifted my strength levels back to near my peak condition and when I look myself in the mirror I think my physique is the best its ever been.

Also, reading. That has to be one of the best habits a young guy could have, to read high quality shit consistently. Your average thoughts become so much smarter as a result. Makes it also easier to keep on the narrow path to success and exposes you to new ideas, which again feeds your creativity. I never expected instant results, in fact to be smart I’ve in many ways relinquished any need for results. I know I will get exactly the results I deserve anyway.

12 Week Challenge

I originally set forth for 12-week challenge to write three hours every day. Now, after being on it for eight weeks, completing that challenge seems just like an afterthought. I’m yet to decide if I will keep doing the three hours of writing every day beyond the challenge, but there’s zero doubt in my mind that I will complete the original challenge. The upgraded version (Spiral of Awesomeness™) failed, but as I’m still going for the latter half of it I would expect to make it to the end as well.

Both of these challenges seemed difficult when I set forth for them. Both went from challenging to more-or-less normality after a while. I don’t feel intimidated by the second half of Spiral of Awesomeness™. I know I need to remain vigilant, but I am feeling confident I’ll complete the second half. At worst I will fail 1 or 2 days but bounce back.

In many ways I’m relating all this to my travel adventures so far. Both in terms of Malaysia and Japan the trips seemed scary and intimidating, but essentially while you were on the path it became normality.

This is the biggest part of the whole concept of it being a “spiral” of awesomeness. Internalizing that any difficult challenge can become just a normal thing if you stick to it for a while. Everyone knows this. But internalizing it is the part where the magic truly happens. That’s why the success of smaller challenges compounds into you daring to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

I hope it will compound in my case to huge successes. But in many ways my future still is in the dark for me. As I said in one of my Japan videos, I feel in many ways to still be searching my way. I’d like to present an image of a guy who knows what he is doing and where he is going, but frankly I don’t. Only thing I know at this point is that I’m pushing the limit of my capacity, for whatever I decide for the future pushing yourself to be the best you can be is never a wrong decision.

Did this post prompt any thoughts in you? If it did, please share in the comments.

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