Spectator Society

Final two videos from my Brazil/Turkey trip wrapped in this one post – first is about my take on the whole spectator society, second is kind of unrelated video where I just slapped together random clips from Brazil – it’s not really a good video and more for my personal memory, but if you’re curious you can check it out too. But first, let’s talk about how we are living a shadow existence in spectator society.

I’m actually pretty happy about how this video turned out. I am coherent and make my point, with my current speaking skill that’s about as good as I could’ve done. I don’t really have anything to add to it – of course the issue is more multifaceted than just the thing that I talk about, but the point is still valid.

Now lets get into another video I created – this is mostly just long shots of scenery or match footage of crowds during World Cup, I really didn’t bring camera around a lot which would’ve helped in compiling a video like that. It’s kind of a conflict in my life, trying to avoid living through camera lens while at the same time kinda having to cause I have a video blog to make. Finding a balance in Thailand and Philippines will be interesting. As for now, here’s a 20 minute video that’s admittedly kinda boring, just static shots intermixed with me blathering on vaguely about my trip. I think the best part is the emotional ending, but I wasn’t really speaking well there, cause as admitted “I wasn’t feeling it”.

As usual leave me any comments below, see you very soon :)

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