Japan Day 15: Shibuya Climax – Go For What You Want, No Excuses!

I have been waiting for this Shibuya video for a long time. It was the best video I’ve done so far as I hoped it would be. Check it out below – I think the end shot is beautiful, even if you think my talking is bullshit.

Improvement, huh? Especially considering I was in front of a lot of people, some even stopping to watch at me – which you don’t see in the angle. In fact angle makes it seem like I’m kinda far from the action, when in reality I was of course out of the way of people but still in a somewhat central place. It was the public speaking “final boss” I beat with flying colors.

So what to add to that? I don’t think there’s much to add, though I’d want to create a great post to go along with this video, video that I consider the climax point of the trip and especially this video doing project. There’s still videos from Osaka to be done, and who knows, maybe I bust out some masterpiece out of nowhere, but we will see. But I won’t be writing a post – I’m still running heavy, heavy sleep deprivation that has kept accummulating during the journey and in fact am writing this at 2 am. – and I’m going to get up at around 7 tomorrow. Another under 5 hour sleep, it seems.

Now its your turn. What have you wanted to do and how you are going to make it happen? There literally exists no excuses if 24-year-old broke weirdo like me can do this awesome shit. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Sergio Felix February 19, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    Hey Jarkko,

    I’ve been checking out your video updates from Japan and I have to say that watching you grow and conquer your public speaking fears has been very entertaining and impressive at the same time man.

    This video shows as “unavailable” so I don’t know if you removed it or are currently making edits to it inside YouTube but either way, congratulations man and I look forward to see what’s next!


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