Squirming Free of the Self-Hypnosis

First week of Spiral of Awesomeness™ Challenge has passed, and it has lead to a pretty big epiphany as I were fast out of the blocks turning a rut that has lasted a whole year so far into my 2nd most productive week of all-time. 

Laziness is a Self-Hypnosis

It was kind of off-putting to realize few days into the Spiral of Awesomeness™ Challenge that all this time I have just been an unfocused, undisciplined little bitch. I mean on some level I have realized it all along, but when you all the sudden burst into near your past peak performance after having spent the whole year in a rut, it really only makes you realize one thing – inability to do things, laziness, lack of focus… it’s all a self-hypnosis. You just hypnotize telling yourself “it’s hard to write every day for three hours. ” “It’s hard to do 7 hours worth of things every day.”

But it really isn’t hard at all. What happens is just that you never really decided to do it. I’m not saying that you can just decide “oh I’m gonna work 8 hours a day from now on” when all you’ve been doing is smoking weed for past decade. What I am saying though is that the things that probably seem hard to you aren’t as hard as you think they are, if you just commit to it.

Committed Action

Whole idea of setting external rewards for me was ultimately needed to make my brain realize that this is what I’m doing now, and I’m fully committed to it. That’s what is needed – commitment. Real commitment, and by that I mean commitment to the extent that you can show your primitive brain that you are serious about this thing. For me it was rewards what ultimately worked here. In Japan I was on a difficult challenge without having external reward – the environment rooted me to the commitment I had. My brain realized that I was serious about this without external rewards needed.

I’m still by no means being hard-working enough, and my girlfriend who works in the corporate world keeps being baffled how little I get done with my days, but in the end at least now I’m approaching my best so far, and can keep pushing myself further. If anything it just goes to show that I’ve not really demanded enough of myself. Even looking at my dad I see it – my dad’s not the healthiest person in the world by any means, yet he works almost every single hour of the day. He comes home after 10+ hour days and then goes to his workshop to fix something, maybe after just napping.

Makes me see that there really isn’t any excuses. Simple people like my dad never needed personal development. If anything, all self-development can be squeezed into one sentence.

“Just do it.”

Constantly Pushing Yourself

If you just stick to your comfort zone, you’re just gonna set another self-hypnosis on yourself. Things will seem intimidating and difficult to you, and it’s all imaginary. That’s why you need to push yourself to the edge constantly. Remind yourself, time and time again, that it is just a self-hypnosis. I believe I can go much higher than I went last week now. It feels perhaps intimidating and uncomfortable to go for it, but thanks to the epiphany of it all being a self-hypnosis I feel more confident going for it.

You can reach amazing heights if you keep constantly pushing your edge. I’m not talking about productivity even, even though it is the context I’m talking of here. I’m talking of everything. Growing as a person. Pushing yourself is the foundation of really becoming awesome.

For me my new mp3-player is now finally earned, and I will keep pushing for further 7 weeks to earn my final reward as well. We will see if Spiral of Awesomeness™ ultimately is worthy of its name within few weeks.

So yeah, I hope my today’s post wasn’t too banal, as always let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

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