Self-Discipline Challenge Week 1 Report

More than a week ago I posted up my new schedule here. I started an extremely rigid schedule for my day-to-day living, at least until the end of summer.

Now I’ve decided I’m actually gonna call the efforts to living up to this schedule “Self-Discipline Challenge” and I’m going to be tracking how well I’m faring here on week-to-week basis. Cause let’s face it – you can’t do this forever. I mean I guess there’s some personality types who would enjoy living in a very regular, routine style of life, but I’m not one of them. Ultimately I want to have enough willpower and self-discipline to get work done without needing to adhere to strict routines.

However, now, as I told you in my previous post, I am just looking to get moving back to right direction and living with a tight routine for an extended period of time feels like it could be a worthwhile experience to me. I’d imagine it can teach me a lot of things. So without further ado, let’s get to what happened during my first week of attempting to follow my schedule.

Self-Discipline Challenge Week 1 Report

Morning routines completed: 7/7

Evening routines completed: 6/7

Daily goals completed: 1/5

Weekly score in my point system: 31

I’m planning to track a lot more numbers regarding this, but we will see how I will implement it. You can see couple of things straight away from my numbers – the starts and finishes to the days have been decent, but the in-between part, the most important one, has been a constant struggle. Also, as the point score indicates, the productivity has been extremely low.

Well, not exactly. You see, answer for ridiculously low score (equivalent of bit over 2 hours of writing) is not that I’ve been that lazy (though I have been), but that I punish myself severely in points for my vices, like eating junk food and playing games. Both of which I’ve done abundantly in last week. So take my point score with a grain of salt, cause ultimately it is also a proxy for measuring healthiness of my life (overall how close I’m living to the ideal I have).

But let’s examine the issues with daily goals. Why I only completed one of them all week? Shouldn’t the two work-modes of the schedule, both of them 2 hours in total length, be plenty to work with and finish even fairly big daily goals? Yes, if I had worked those four hours I would have almost certainly completed every single one of my daily goals.

That also is the point where my adherence to schedule starts teetering. First issue is the old time issue – the three hours I have for morning routine after wake-up barely is enough. So I run a bit over which compounds over the time designated for breakfast and showering. By the time I get to computer, ready to work, I might already be 1½ hours behind the schedule.

But you know what, in the end, that’s okay. I have three hours of free-time at the end of the day, after all. I can always stretch to that time. But I tend to not even get started. Here we come to the other stumbling block, much bigger than any other time issue ever could be – distractions and lack of discipline, and frankly this biggest issue with my whole schedule.

You see, timing of my work-modes couldn’t be any more awkward. Why, you ask? Well, let me be frank about what I’ve been doing most of my work-times last week: Skyping with my girlfriend. Yeah, cause my afternoon is her evening and time after work due to time zone difference.

It has made me think of even scrapping the whole schedule, or restructuring it. But then again, I’m adhering to every other component of it almost perfectly, which makes me feel like this schedule might still be good, if I could just circumvent this time-zone thing somehow. This experiment would be easier if I’d just be in Malaysia. Oh well. I’m not going to magically teleport to Malaysia any time soon.

So in the meantime I will have to keep figuring it out. Ultimately, I don’t yet have an answer for it, and I know that the second week will hold similar numbers to first week, but I will thinking of it. But I will keep my efforts up. I’ve decided this experiment will last at least to end of summer. But I’ll talk about it more in my next post.

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