Scrapping the Self-Discipline Challenge

Well, this was a tad predictable, wasn’t it? Sergio was right in the end, and I knew it was going to be hard – too hard in the end. Maybe I’ll try this again when I have built up my willpower, for now it really wasn’t working. Week three was better than first two weeks in some regards, but in terms of actually following the schedule… none of it was happening. Sure I had patches of productivity but none of it was along my schedule. So it is pretty worthless to have one if you’re not going along it.

In the end all of the posts, writing and thinking relating to it was a bit of a waste. But nothing really is ultimately a complete was, even failures are lessons. For me the lesson is that my life is in too much of a flow at the moment for me to try to adhere to anything rigid.

But I can’t just be completely undisciplined either. What I will focus on from now on is just fighting those small battles with my willpower to get work done daily, to get my fitness back in order. I should be at the peak shape of my life, and I probably can hit the peak shape of my life this year, but I need to start working out to do that. Work and work out, that should be my mantra from now on. Doesn’t matter what time is it, as long as I keep doing it.

I’m intending to start posting much more frequently here as well, but that’s something I’m always intending, isn’t it? We will see what happens. Ultimately I thank you if you’ve followed along me on this ultimately fruitless journey, lets hope to something better in the future.

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  1. Sergio Felix June 13, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    Hey Jarkko,

    Right from the start when I first saw your blog, your domain name, your picture and read what you were writing, I couldn’t think of anything else apart from you becoming a huge success online.

    It’s always sad when something doesn’t works as expected but as you said, there’s a lesson in every failure I hope you have learned from this one.

    You have a gift for writing, you released a couple of kindle books and you even tried other niches and a fund raising campaign.

    When something flops, just move on to the next thing as quickly as possible, never stay on the same spot for too long because that affects your creativity but always take in consideration what the problem was, find the root of the issue and don’t make the same mistake on the next project.

    My only advice is that people love following other people’s success stories when they actually start becoming a success story themselves (or are already successful) but not before because interest can get lost very quickly.

    There are already too many people struggling online so the question is:

    What exactly are you doing that will make other people interested in following every step of your journey?

    You may have epic plans and very cool projects but if people see there’s nothing here for them, then they just won’t come back, it’s as easy as that.

    I hope you are doing good man and hope to see more videos and updates from you Jarkko. Don’t drop the ball, I did that before and I regretted that a lot later.


    • Jarkko Helenius June 13, 2013 at 9:46 pm #

      Thanks for the pep talk, dude. I’m dragging my feet atm sure, but I’m not completely at a standstill or given up yet. If anything just not finding time for this blog nor really knowing what to do with it. I’m still committed to my decision to move to Malaysia by fall which I mapped here earlier so I need to take some drastic action soon. Preferably in IM arena since I apparently can’t get a writing job there without credentials (ie. a degree). I’m yet to test that out for myself, but so I hear.

      Will see. I definitely want to expand on this site, but it’s all matter of time. I have plenty, but I manage it poorly and lack self-discipline as the subject of this post suggests. So if I’m to ever succeed that’s something that needs to change. I will need to become the master of self-discipline – right now I’m far from it.


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