Quit the Victim Mentality

This is gonna be a rant again – not so much against myself as usually. This time I’m just fed up with people not taking responsibility of their lives.

One of my main principles in life is the fact that you are the source of everything in your life. In other words, I take full responsibility of my life. If something is wrong, I might bitch and moan about it just as much as anyone, but ultimately I know that whatever the problem is, it stems from me, at least to the effect that I can remove the circumstance in my life.

Now of course, I know there is exceptions to this rule, like if you get paralyzed in a car accident on live healthily and still get cancer, etc. But even then you can still take responsibility of your life and in fact many people who face these massive and unfortunate adversities become the most awesome and inspiring people around.

How did these people turn such misfortune around? Simple: they weren’t little fucking bitches who dwell in “woe me” victim bullshit mentality but instead chose to work around the disadvantage.

Sure, there are things out of your control, but as soon as you acknowledge that in the end it always comes down to you, your victim mentality is obliterated.

Instead of blaming other people or circumstances for your situation, you start questioning your own behavior, seeing how to change it and then in turn starting to take action to change the unwanted circumstances.

Why would there be something you don’t want in your life? Ask yourself how you are causing unwanted things in your life and then start to take action to remove them.

Stop being a god damn victim and giving out bullshit excuses. You can change almost everything in your life and deep down you know it.

What unwanted things are you keeping in your life and why?


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