Narratives – How Are You Interpreting The World?

Today I’ve got a video up from Brazil as I’m trying to deal with the whole clog of videos I already have ready that I made in Brazil & Istanbul before  I leave to Thailand on October 6th. We are gonna talk about mental narratives and how it makes us interpret the world positively or negatively – which makes a massive difference in our actions and subsequently what our lives turn out to look like. Check out the video below.

I’ll be the first one to admit that wasn’t one of my most coherent ones, but let’s dissect that a little bit more here.

Reality is Subjective – But Malleable

So is the glass half empty of is it half full? The classic example of ways of thinking but of course a cliché and simple one. There are countless of ways you can interpret reality through whatever is the narrative in your head, and everything else is then fitted to that narrative. So just one perspective change can have significant ramifications to your mental space.

We all have narratives in our heads. That’s inevitable. If there weren’t our simple minds just would not be able to deal with the complexity of the world. They help us simplify things in our head. However, faulty narratives that temporarily make us happy by giving us false comfort inevitably lead to our own destruction.

So its very important to be conscious about the way you construct your narrative. Is the story I’m telling myself in my head beneficial to me?

If you think you’re the coolest guy in the world and truly believe it, it is going to manifest itself somehow in your life. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting anything law of attraction type stuff here, but if you do tell yourself good things, you do take more chances and even if you fail somehow, it still has to fit that “I’m coolest guy in the world” narrative so you  won’t let it get you down.

I’m not suggesting you pick that as your narrative by the way, it obviously has its good and bad sides. But we all believe in something, whether its religion or something else – even extreme nihilism is still a narrative in your head, as opposed to reality. Even if you decline all the -isms and things that are taught to you, you still have a mental structure that I call a narrative. What I am just saying is that you become aware and conscious about what kind of a worldview and narrative there is in your head, then mould it such that it actually supports you in whatever are your goals in life.

If you think you’re disgusting and ugly, you will generally put people off. For me that of course was never true, but I had never been called handsome in my life until 23 – only cause I thought I was unattractive.

Significantly shifting your belief systems will feel like living in a different reality. It is rare that these shifts happen suddenly, but when they do, the old narrative feels like a different existence altogether. I don’t know if my mental narratives shifted fast or slow, but one thing is for sure, my life was very different in my old mental paradigms. I was living in the same reality, but my capabilities were greatly limited by what was going on in my head.

Still to this day that holds true – we are all our own worst enemies and the most important battle is fought within our minds. So start asking yourself – How am I viewing this situation? Is it accurate? Does it help me?

I am not a a believer of any Christian religion, but people with strong faith often have easier time dealing with hardships in life. Why? Strong, positive narrative. If you truly think you’re going to heaven or whatever, or that God loves you or whatever they believe, you’re going to have more perseverance than a nihilist who just thinks everything is meaningless and life sucks.

I don’t think either of them are right. I don’t think right even exists, I think every worldview is true to its subject anyway.

A lot in the journey of Becoming Awesome is shifting your narrative. Instead of thinking yourself as a piece of shit, valuing yourself. Forging that narrative that I am awesome stronger. It leads to you going for awesome things. You make a mess of some, but some you succeed – and then you actually are awesome in some way, and the narrative strengthens. It’s a cycle that just needs to be kept going. If you believe world is your oyster… it might well become it. If you believe it is a harsh place where you’re just struggling to cope, that’s probably what’s in store for you.

To me, a balanced narrative has a bit of both in it. A balanced narrative recognized that world indeed is a harsh place, but that if you work hard it can also be your oyster. A good narrative acknowledges the challenges around but reframes them so that they don’t put you down.

But I am not going to spoon-feed you any more of what I think in this post. I hope that stirred up something in your mind, I’m gonna head to my next task before I run out of time.

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