Merits of Cold Showers

I’ll be honest about how I came up with the subject for today’s post – I simply had no idea what to write about as I went to shower just now. It is a mundane idea that jolted through me as the cold stream hit on my skin one of the last few times. Thank god I don’t HAVE TO do cold showers everyday after this week. I will still keep doing them beyond Spiral of Awesomeness™ Challenge, though – here’s why:

Forget About Coffee

Coffee honestly never did anything to me. Honestly, I literally feel no added awakeness after taking coffee. So I don’t really drink it. However, with cold showers, you feel AWAKE and ENERGIZED after taking it – even if you feel cold to the bone. The combination of it making you breath deeply as well as forcing the whole body to vibrate to generate heat is a physiological combo that just inevitably leads to energetic state. I’ve often done meditation after taking a cold shower – the sessions tend to be jittery and restless.

Physiological Benefits

Another awesome thing about cold showers is that it indeed does make recovery faster for those of us who work out or indeed strain their bodies otherwise. That being said, I don’t really know much about this subject – I do know though that just doing cold showers doesn’t maximize the recovering effect showering could have. For that you will have to use contrast showers; alternating extremely hot and extremely cold water. I think I’m going to use that approach once Spiral of Awesomeness is over.

I don’t know about other physiological benefits – maybe in the future I will expand on these once I’ve had a chance to research. It definitely boosts up circulation.

Tough As Nails

The main reason I of course added cold showers to the challenge in the first place was the mental aspect. While it might feel good afterwards, I loathe getting under the icy water. It never gets easy. It never really starts feeling good. Well, it has certain rush to it. You certainly feel tougher when taking the cold shower

Ultimately cold showers build that willpower muscle of just getting the unpleasant thing over with – it also trains you to ignore the flinching reflex in yourself. You never learn out of it. That is why I think I will keep starting my showers with the coldest water possible even after the challenge.

Anything to add? Share your experiences regarding cold showers in the comments.

Now some of you might wonder what happened to video blogging idea relating to Four Months to Income Challenge. Simply put, I’ve had no time to create a video! I rushed a quick one today, but it wasn’t good enough to put out, so you’re just going to have to wait for that.

3 Responses to “Merits of Cold Showers”

  1. Sergio Felix September 9, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    Hey Jarkko, cool to know you’re doing cold showers too man!

    I started doing those a while ago and even though I LOVE the afterwards awakeness and general feeling you get from them, I have to agree with you, cold showers are never easy or at least they haven’t gotten any easier for me.

    Each time I decide to take a cold shower, I go through the same suffering process but what I did improve is that I no longer think about jumping under the cold shower like I used to in the past.

    My overall process wasn’t easy either, I wouldn’t put the coldest water in the beginning, I would start with cold water and a bit of hot water as well. Then I would start wetting my arms, legs, a bit of my head and just when I was starting to get cold and uncomfotable enough I would just jump right in.

    After a few days I just said fuck it, went to the coldest water and just jumped right in.

    If you are getting a lot of benefits from all of this and want to feel empowered and get the best of the whole experience, why do it half assed then? That’s the only way to go.

    It’s a mind game as well… sometimes I ask myself “is cold water really more tough than myself?” And then just jump right in.

    The whole process of learning how to take a cold shower is a lot of fun and the benefits are great.

    You get to start your day with the sense of accomplishment right from the beginning and the rest of the day is literally piece of cake no matter how hard it gets.

    These are obviously my own experiences, I bet yours may be different.


    PS. I remember I even recorded myself taking one of those first cold showers in my youtube channel, that was embarrassing but at least I got to be accountable that day.

    • Jarkko Helenius September 10, 2013 at 5:02 am #

      Haha, well your comment pretty much outdid my whole post in regards to the subject. Thanks for another great comment, Sergio

      Cold showers are awesome but now that the weather is cooling here I think I’m going to go for lesser frequency of them. Another thing regarding my cold showers is the fact that I even can’t take the coldest water when washing my head – my head gets too cold if I don’t shift the temperature bit up. Needless to say I do it only for washing my head.

      As I said in the article I think I’m gonna switch to contrast showers next and take it to the next level.


      PS. When I was doing a video for Spiral of Awesomeness post (that I ended up never posting cause it sucked) I actually took a shot of myself taking cold showers – I wanted to demonstrate everything relating to the challenge in the video.

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