Meditation and Concentration

I usually get my best post ideas during meditation, and today’s post isn’t an exception.

So it’s gonna be about meditation, and meditation’s effects on the brain.

My main aim when I’m meditating is simply to focus on doing nothing. Focusing on doing nothing, just existing or being presence like it’s often called, it’s probably the hardest thing to focus on. It’s actually much easier to achieve that kind of meditative, empty mind state when you’re doing something that you enjoy and fully immersed in that.

But when you weather through you brain wanting to give up and start doing something interesting instead of nothing, and actually manage to concentrate on nothing, it carries over to everything else.

When you can concentrate on nothing, you can concentrate on anything else too. 

I don’t know if that was insightful or not, share what you think in the comments, I’m just imitating Seth Godin with these short posts.

Meanwhile my fundraiser is not doing that well! I know I need to work harder on it given I only have 13 days left (I’m probably gonna set up straight Paypal-donation button on this page so if people get excited during the project they can feed money for me).

If I am at 0 at the end of 13 days… Well, I’m not screwed but Japan will be quite a challenge. Then again, isn’t that the whole point?

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