Make Jarkko Helenius Great Again Challenge

I shot a video for this post in Kuala Lumpur, however I failed with the framing of the video so I will not put it up. Long story short, all I talk in the video is the fact that the following three month stretch will most likely be my last in Bangkok, hence I had been reflecting back on my three year stay in Bangkok with a tinge of disappointment. There were reasons I wanted to move to a big city in the first place and I feel like I have not completed those. However I have still three months, so I will try to make the best of it to at least cut my losses.

While the whole point of the challenge is to make sure I give it my all in my remaining months in Bangkok, it also should not be so hard that I just set myself up for failure. So I need to keep this relatively simple yet broad enough to cover the things I need to complete.

The main goal for the year, Muay Thai training, needs to be on the foreground. I need to soak up everything I can cause the opportunity to get this kind of training simply does not exist wherever I go.

Another special circumstance that does not exist outside of Bangkok is the opportunities for going out. Obviously I can still have a social life in other places and it is not like I have the inclination nor the situation to immerse myself into the nightlife, but I definitely should enjoy the situation to the max while it still lasts and work on my social anxiety.

So those two should be the basic pillars that this challenge is built around and every point of the challenge should contribute to either one of those. Here is what I came up with:

  • Go out every day for at least 2 hours (something else aside just hitting the gym)
  • Hit Muay Thai gym minimum of 3 times a week and have at least 6 intense training sessions per week.
  • All exercise should be done hooked up to the heart rate monitor and posted to the social media (for accountability).
  • 2 exercise sessions per day (as I have been doing so far)
  • Heavy meals only for breakfast and after workouts, aside that only salad + some protein or a smoothie
  • Only 3 cheat meals total allowed for the duration of the challenge
  • Morning routine: Get up at 7.30, check Heart Rate Variability, brush teeth and write my daily words (staying up after that optional)
  • Rack up 50 points total per day in the Universal Awesomeness Score.

I might tweak the challenge a  little in the the coming weeks, but that is the gist of it. If I successfully do that for the next three months, I definitely will not feel like I left a lot of potential unfulfilled at least when it comes to this last stretch – as for rest of the three years, you cant change the past so no use dwelling on it.

Challenge start date 30th January – end date April 22nd

Drop a comment if you had any thoughts from this.


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