Lots of Belief, Little Hustle

In today’s short post I wanted to talk about an insight I had earlier relating to thinking about my IndieGoGo campaign.

I think the paradigm I was approaching the whole fundraising to Japan earlier was “Lots of belief, little hustle.” Now what do I mean by that? Well I had almost blind belief that somehow it will all work out while I actually weren’t putting in all that much of work.

I’m now having a key paradigm shift where I’m realizing that chances I will succeed with my fundraiser are very, very low. Meanwhile just to tilt the odds a bit to my favor I’m starting to works harder, to hustle more for it. So now you could say I have no belief, but some hustle. I do think there’s some chance of at least something of a success, otherwise I wouldn’t even be trying any more, but I know that at this point odds are getting increasingly lower as my campaign is not starting to get friction.

Of course neither approach is perfect, the best would be to have that blind belief while you’re working your ass off. ¬†Or at least have strong belief that it will turn out well – maybe blind belief can be equally detrimental as no belief.

All hope is not lost and luckily flight tickets to Osaka are on sale at the moment on Finnair so I caught a lucky break there. Another might be if you’d contribute to my campaign today. The lost hope might reborn with that.

And yes, I’m going to hammer that IndieGoGo campaing to the bitter fucking end, cause I really need it to succeed against all the odds.

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