Kickstarting Things Again

Around the time of me setting up my last challenge everything was looking so good again, yet somehow everything crumbled down again.

Guess you could say that the older habits run even deeper. It seems very tough for me to have a truly extended time of being truly productive. Especially the outline of daily productivity stack I wrote in my last post that seemed so possible at the time of writing seems so distant right now that my waking up habits have deteriorated.

It appears holding any consistent sleeping pattern is simply an impossiblity for me unless there is an external factor that forces it upon me. That being said, if I am incapable of keeping consistent levels of effort up, this is pretty much all that I will get out of life. The changes that you force upon yourself will eventually change you from within.

So lets get to work, I am not 21 any more so the time is running short.

Today I am going to establish the parameters of new kickstart challenge that will run until midway-october. (October 16th)

To complete the challenge, I have to do following every day:

  • Write 750 words
  • Exercise

In addition to this, there are weekly quotas:

  • 10 exercise / stretching sessions
  • Complete 30 hours of work / 10 hours effective by end of Friday
  • Go out 5 nights a week (minimum 2 hours out)

A reward for me for completing the challenge is visit to the supplement shop to buy some supplementation that I have been wanting to test out a long time. Should I fail I won’t get any supplements for at least a year, and it will be also considered failure of the Challenge Eternale.

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