Japan Introduction

Hello, it’s been a while again since my last post. I really am struggling to make the posting habit to blog stick. Does not bode well for Japan, but then again there it will be my only goal.

I’ve been work drenched on Fiverr so I’ve not even had time to really focus on my IndieGoGo-campaign. Seems like it’s gonna run out again without having raised a penny. Oh well. It looks like I’m going to be surviving anyway, I just might be very tight on money towards the end of the trip. Now all my stress is about accommodation – as things stand, I’ve not clinched a single night of accommodation from couchsurfing. Kind of stressful, but I have still some time, hope I’m not gonna end up stranded in Japan. Whatever happens I’m sure I’ll survive and that it will be educational.

Anyway I decided to shoot up this video to include in my requests. Just to show a bit about myself. It also serves as a model for other videos of Japan. I decided to add music etc. to add personality to them. Since I’m getting very little traffic, might as well make it so that I like my videos even if it puts off everyone that don’t like metal. Overall I’m not too crazy about the video though. I have a very subdued vibe, which I guess it’s pretty natural but doesn’t fit too well for the video, let alone the energetic intro/outro music.  I’d do it again better, but I’m still super strapped for time, so you will have to make do with that.

Okay so I hope you enjoyed the video, in any case it’s good to be back at updating the blog. It’s been a bit too long break, especially considering I should be engaging people more than usual, not less.

If you have anything to comment on the video, please do it in the comments – I really could use more feedback on the stuff I’m doing. 

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