Japan Day 19: Finale (2 videos!)

Japan trip came to an end today, and I’m typing this safely from Finnish soil.

In this first video a very tired me talks about wandering around in Japan in my last full day and contrasts that to kind of the overall situation in my life. It’s interesting albeit you can really tell I’m tired and I’m not in my most articulate state – the idea is solid though. Check it out:

In my second video I come to you from Helsinki much later on that day. I’m still not very articulate in this, perhaps you can tell of my elevated nervousness levels due to being in “kind of” my old environment, but again I communicate solid ideas – nothing new, but important core lessons everyone should take note of that always are worth reminding of. Check it out:

I’m overall happy with how I ended this trip with these videos, and of course Japan trip as a whole is a raging success. I’m sad that it has ended, but there will be new and awesome adventures ahead of me.

Anything to comment… well, you know what to do.

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