Japan Days 8 and 9: Cyclical Nature of Life and Importance of Relaxation

As I said in my previous post, I was mostly out of the internet lately. Today my travels has brought me to hotel in Nara (decided to delve out in the end, even though it does put a major strain on my overall budget), where I can finally in peace piece out the vids and upload them.

So let’s delve right into it, shall we?

Cyclical Nature of Life

I am not fully happy about this video, I’m very meandering and scattered in my delivery.

What I was trying to get to was the simple concept of thinking each day as a blank slate, where you have to earn your awesomeness every day. Cause think about it, which one makes you feel more awesome: you pulling off some intense stretch of effort to complete some achievement, or getting massage and relaxing all day? Both are great, sure, but you will certainly feel better after the first one.

But there is no lasting happiness to be found in either. You will have to do the effort consistently to keep that accomplished feeling (and to actually complete things – completing them once in a while won’t be enough. I like framing it like I expressed it “earning your awesomeness”. I should probably do more refined video about it in the future.

Importance of Relaxation

I was very relaxed indeed in this video. One of my better ones. I actually make sense for once. So the gist of it is that you shouldn’t play games, watch tv, etc. to relax. Not to say they are completely useless in that regard, but actively relaxing instead of just giving brain another proverbial bone to chew on might be better approach.

Actually on the day of the video I wondered about what would happen if you’d spend like a week doing nothing else but relaxation activities – like meditate, get massaged then, stretch, do some yoga, meditate again, onsen bath… I wonder what would happen after that. Maybe you’d just start feeling like a slouch, or maybe your body would be so empty of cortisol you’d feel good. Gotta try it at some point in the future. If anyone has done anything like that, tell me what it made you feel like, I’m seriously curious.

Let me know what you thought of these videos. I’m gonna hit another two videos out tomorrow if everything goes according to plan.

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