Japan Days 10 and 11: Phases of Getting Used to Travel and Travel & Ego

Phases of Getting Used to Travel

…and to lesser extent on other things as well.

The deer distracted me a lot so it was a challenging video to make. I could have done a worse job though. In the end my delivery was a bit scattered but that seems to have been the standard for me.

So lets put the phases of getting used to travel in a written, more clearer format.

1. Initial shock

For me, cortisol levels hike to massive levels cause you can’t just take it easy. Meanwhile you can’t even sleep cause your mind is so caught up in future projection of the environment your mind perceives as threatening. Remember, our minds are designed to make us survive, so they try to keep the status quo, where you remain fed and alive – you mind doesn’t give a shit if its unhappy – its going to make you more unhappy if you try to change it.

2. Recovery

You’re still uncomfortable, but increasingly find your way in new routine. Hard moments come every day, and you might still struggle to sleep, but it’s getting easier day by day. This phase lasts few days.

3. Acclimation

Smoothly recovery turns to acclimation where the discomfort level decreases and you get used to the new reality. You still need to put effort to maintain good state of mind, but it’s easier now. You still long for your old reality. I’m in this phase currently. Usually it happens during start of the second week for me.

4. Life

Once you go probably months with this new way of living, it becomes your new mode of being and it becomes easier to stay in it than return to your old mode. This might take months, might take even years. Hard to know exactly as I’ve never experienced it – this is where it turns into just my contemplation, instead of experience speaking.’

But there you go, those are the phases you ought to expect if you embark on a this kind of challenge. Try it out for yourself and tell me if your experience corresponds with mine.

Travel & Ego

I don’t think this one needs much addition. I was somewhat clear for once. People turn travel in a form of self-enhancement. Just like buying expensive cars, property, having designer clothes… whatever. These people should be forced to watch Fight Club Clockwork Orange style until their brain has been reconditioned to realize that they are not their fucking khakis, nor any of their belongings, or even any of their travel experiences.

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