Japan Day 13: Stubborness

Let’s delve right into the video, shall we?

I actually think this is one of my better videos. I was in a no-nonsense state of mind after having to deal with the staff around the shrine. They came to demand me to not use the tripod, which is common practice in public places. I wasn’t going to roll over that easy, though. I asked “Why?” and my body language probably tell the guy “I dare you to remove me by force.” So the guy explained something about how people may trip to the tripod. WTF? I wasn’t even on the walkway and it was in plain sight. The guy half-assedly tried to tell me that it would be unfair to let me use it here when others can’t use anywhere.

I just stood there. Looked blankly at the guy. “I won’t budge”, my expression told him. “Fine, just be quick with it”, he finally said. People hate confrontation.

So anyway, that anecdote demonstrates my stubborness fine, and like I said, its a good video. One of the few who stands alone pretty well without needing much explaining.

Day thirteen wasn’t all roses in any sense, since I actually fought with my gf. Something good came out of it though, and I’m going to talk about it in my tomorrow’s video. Stay tuned.

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