It Won’t Be Pretty

It’s been a busy week on the go, going above Arctic Circle and back – gonna head to Stockholm next, but I’m here to squeeze in a blog post as always.

One of the key takeaways of this last week for me has been that the improvement won’t come pretty. I’m blessed to have a really patient girlfriend who tolerates my bullshit and dysfunctionality.

It’s tempting to think that if you just put yourself out of your comfort zone for a brief period, things get better quickly. But no, you just keep pounding your head into the wall and making a fool of yourself.

Before I start to sound like a bitter old man (that I am), I’m not saying I’ve had a bad time. Indeed, last week has been probably one of the most memorable in my life, but that didn’t come without facing some adversity (and leveling my bank account).

For me to change into something better, to become awesome, it is going to require something much more than just a week, two or even couple of months of discomfort. As I already said it, two months is just a drop in the ocean.

So what does this all come down to? Well, to the simple fact that for you to improve, you are going to need two things: Determination & A good sense of humor. Let’s start with the latter.

Like I said, I’ve been making a fool of myself left and right. Some of these things other people wouldn’t even notice, but it is the kind of stuff that makes you self-conscious. In the past I would have simply gotten down for every single one of these simple mistakes, but now I have been able to laugh at myself which has made with going through the mistakes that one has to make to improve a bit easier.

The fact of the matter is though, that no matter how good you are at reframing things in your mind and retaining good spirits by finding the humor in everything, you are going to get beaten down at times. To not quit during those times takes determination. Frankly this is the spot that even more people fail than in the first part. I mean people who can laugh at themselves are somewhat rare in themselves, but people who have determination to go through prolonged tough periods to emerge stronger on the other side are even more rare.

It is much easier to stay determined if you have a track record of doing something for a long time and getting really good at it. I’m sure everyone has one of those things. Thing is, not all of us remember that point of sucking at it because we went through that at a young age. It’s sad to even think that there’s individuals that have not really gained any new skills on an older age simply due to the unwillingness to go through this tough patch.

For a guy like me, that tough patch will take a long time, especially in a broad set of skills that being social and fitting into the society (for lack of a better term) are.

Hope that made sense, as you can tell I’m half just cheerleading myself to keep going. Throw me a comment below.

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