Starting an IndieGoGo fundraiser

It might be only bit over 2 weeks since I published my new book on Kindle, but for me that’s already become old news. My focus has already shifted.

To what, you might ask. To Japan.

I already told about my plans to go to Japan in a post few months ago. However, since then not everything has gone according to plan. Nope,  I’m way behind on funding of the project and time is running out, given I have to land to Japan by February 1st.

So I’m turning to crowdsourcing for funding. Check out my video below:

Alright, I hope that was informative and explained to you at least a bit what I’m trying to do. If you got interested, go to my IndieGoGo page and make a contribution! It will be a big deal for me if I make this happen. Any other help, such as shares, etc. will be greatly appreciated as well.

Why Should You Contribute?

There’s a lot of talk about introversion in the media lately, at least from what I’ve seen. The understanding and awareness of traits that introvert people have has been growing – which is a great thing. But at the same time, is it really changing our lives as introverts? Nope, which is why I aim to show an example of how to properly deal with it and make a change.

Travel for me is an excellent tool for personal growth. I experienced massive mental shifts already in Malaysia and I am certain Japan will be that same. This is exactly what more introverted (and especially shy) people should do! If you are hard case like I was, plunging completely out of your comfort zone might be the best way to rewire your brain.

Instead of expecting understanding from others, you are training your social stamina and improving your social skills.

Introversion should just be an advantage. It’s amazing to be able to just sit alone in a room and have a good time. I know, crazy, huh? But at the same time I don’t think society should be forcing us into the mould that we need quiet time. I personally want to learn out of that disadvantage.

Being alone or maybe with few of my best friends will always be the natural environment to me – but at the same time I want to train my brain to handle being around complete strangers and sustain it over longer periods of time.

Again, that is what the Japan trip will do to me. It might also do some other, unexpected things. I won’t know until it happens. And it won’t happen if enough people won’t contribute.  All I know is that the videos and blog posts I will make from there, providing insights and telling what’s going on around me and even more so WITHIN ME will be extremely interesting.

This is something that every introvert should look for. And if you’re not convinced of travel’s benefits of this, contribute and we will see what happens to me during the 18 days.

Will you contribute? Will it be via donation, share, or some other way? If you choose not to, please tell me why below. I enjoy getting feedback.

3 Responses to “Starting an IndieGoGo fundraiser”

  1. Adrienne December 17, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    Hi Jarkko,

    Wow, first I have to say that looks really cold where you are. That is a heck of a lot of snow my friend. It never snows here and as a matter of fact we seldom get really cold weather…

    On another note, I can appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish. I can’t even relate to being shy because that’s something I’m not. I love people and love to meet new people. I can talk to anyone anywhere at anytime. I know that not everyone is like that and I would have to know that I’m stuck in just one place without being able to experience the world.

    I’ll wish you much success with your plans for heading to Japan. I have no doubt you’ll reach your goal.


    • Jarkko Helenius December 17, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

      Trust me, the fact that it’s snowing means that it’s not even near the coldest it can get ;)

      Actually, I love people and meeting them too – it’s just that I very rarely feel unstifled, and there’s always that initial aversion – If I were to just stay in my comfort zone I’d be perfectly happy being alone most of time. That’s down to many things. But there are actually a lot of people like me in the world but not many take on this big challenges to change it. I won’t lose my ability to enjoy a silent room if I push myself a bit to interact with the world.

      Gotta keep working hard to make it happen! Raising that much money isn’t easy :)

      Thanks for the comment Adrienne!

  2. Sergio Felix December 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    Dang Jarkko, I would probably die in that cold weather man!

    Anyway, back to your article… have you ever heard of couchsurfing before?

    I know it’s a great way to travel when you don’t mind meeting with other people.

    And about the IndieGoGo site, what is it or where do you have your page there (link)?

    Don’t forget about Munir from the Quick Start Challenge, he’s been living in Japan for years and I’m pretty sure he could give you advice before you arrive there.

    All the best man!


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