Japan Day 16 – Recapping Improvement So Far

Today’s video is a bit different from what it’s been so far. Check it out:

So yeah, I was super duper tired during this one so it’s a no wonder I’m a bit slow in delivery, as well as even more meandering than usual.

I also decided to deviate from my usual video format. No music this time. I felt this one was better one, just sorta fits the atmosphere. The ending is a bunch of clips from my transit to Osaka.

But in a nutshell, things that really have improved:

  • I’m much more comfortable doing videos in front of people.
  • I know myself much better.
  • I feel more at ease and trust in my faculties to deal with issues when they come.
  • I’m more okay with myself in general.
  • I’ve discovered resources in myself that I didn’t know existed.

Things that still have a lot to improve:

  • I’m still very introverted and shy. I don’t talk much. I get locked up.
  • I still take the path of least resistance too often.

It sure has been intense experience, and there’s still some left, though at this point things are going by their own weight. I’m kind of sad to be leaving Japan behind soon.

Tell me what you thought of the video, and we will see again tomorrow.

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