If You Call Yourself Professional Might As Well Act Like One

I’ve made a lot of broken promises, especially on the internet. Like the most recent one, promising to commit time daily to this blog. I didn’t have time for it in the end. But enough with the excuses. This post is going to be just a short rant at myself for being too lazy.

I wrote up a program for myself to follow recently. Just a simple schedule to structure my day around. I followed it one day properly and then somewhat followed it for few days more. These days, my days don’t have much semblance with that schedule. Another broken promise.

Well, today I promised myself I won’t be at my parents house any more come February 1st. Now what does all of this has to do with professionalism? Well as I’m still pretty much broke, I have to somehow find the inner resources to multiply my working hours. I’ve been earning the few trickling dollars I earn by writing, currently only at Fiverr. But I don’t work hard enough. I need to start writing more. I need to push through those patches I’m feeling lazy. I need to stop sleeping in instead of getting up early to work.

Here’s a new schedule I wrote for myself. I don’t expect it to have any value to you, but I’m posting it for my own reference. This time I don’t intend to throw it away after couple of days, though I might tweak it according to feedback reality gives to me.

Get up at 7 – No excuses!

7-8: Breakfast/other maintenance.

8-11: Work mode.

— 2 hour break —

13-16 Work mode.

— 3 hour break —

19-21 Work mode

21-22 Eat, read, and prepare for bed.

22-7 Sleep or at least keep trying.


That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, I can tell you I don’t work 8 hours on an average day, even writing. However, now I have to be professional, and push through it even if I don’t feel like it. If I’m to earn an income doing this, I have to show for it in terms of working hours. Now that I wrote this schedule, I have to follow it. From so many broken promises (other schedules) I’ve learned that my adherence has to be very strict – if I allow myself to slip up a bit, I’ll soon start excusing other slip-ups and very soon the whole schedule has gone down the drain.

Five hours of breaks will give me enough time to get my exercise in, do chores around the house and put in other meals. There’s also one part of the schedule I won’t be so strict about – sleeping times. Sometimes for whatever reason (often football, which I have to watch late as I write about football… and I’d want to do it anyway :) ) I have to stay up, but I won’t allow sleeping in on even those nights. If I feel too tired to function next day, I might take a nap during the breaks, but that’s it. My days will be monotonous, but I don’t care, the point is here to learn to provide value for people.

So yeah, that’s my post for today. A bit personal, and a probably valueless for most of my readers, but let me know what you think. While I’m on the topic of broken promises, I’m thinking I might resurrect some of the old posts I wrote, will have to see them – I don’t bring back anything that I don’t agree with any more.

Oh, and while I’m on here, might as well plug the gigs I have on Fiverr.

EDIT: I’ve since realized I need to have some alternative schedules. Weekends will be the most major chance: I’ll work instead from 8-13 straight and then have rest of the day to use as I wish – most of the time it will go to watching football. Of course if I can, I will use the regular schedule on weekends as well.

Fact is, in real life you can’t be super rigid, you need some fluidity. So my fluidity will be having this alternative plan.

Also, I might scrap the last bit of work mode on some nights should I need to for some external reason. But if I can, there is no excuses to not do work-mode that time too.

3 Responses to “If You Call Yourself Professional Might As Well Act Like One”

  1. Sergio Felix November 7, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    Hey Jarkko, I don’t know if you have any vices but me at least, I used to smoke 1.5 packs of cigarettes a day.

    Attempting to quit smoking was hard, heck it was complete hell!

    Sometimes I really didn’t wanted to quit, sometimes I did but no matter what I wanted I just couldn’t stop.

    With time, I understood that you have to LEARN how to gradually quit smoking, it’s not something you just do.

    I didn’t do it gradually though (I did not smoke less and less) but I attempted so many times to quit that one day it just happened, I finally got off from it for GOOD!

    I think that short story relates very close to Internet Marketing in many ways like staying productive, being constant, doing the important tasks, planning right, etc, etc.

    So don’t be too hard on yourself, outline your plan, make the commitment and go for it man.

    You already did all three, now all you have to do is keep your word (the “easy” part right?)

    I’m sure you will succeed one way or another, just keep going at it man.

    By the way I just checked your fiverr gigs and they are very interesting and you even have queued orders in a few of them, that’s very cool man and congratulations for that!

    All the best my man,


    • Jarkko Helenius November 7, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

      Indeed Sergio. And isn’t it funny that my quest for passive income has led me into willingly giving away all of my freedom to live by a tight schedule?

      Of course, most of my income now isn’t passive but indeed very active in form of writing.


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