How to Not Be Angry at Anyone You Love

This is a bit off-the-wall post compared to my usual stuff, but read on.

My sis actually told me about this “method” or “trick” or way of seeing things.

When you are angry at someone close to you and important to you, it’s actually very easy emotion to dissolve.

As you notice yourself getting angry at that someone, take a moment to visualize something. I want you to visualize this person is dead and gone. Say she is in a car accident tonight and you will never get to talk to her again. Really imagine it, really immerse yourself in that situation.

Still feeling angry? I’ve tested this and even if you want to be angry at someone, it’s very hard after doing that mental exercise.

The point is this: We are all gonna be dead, very soon. Trust me, those few years you might have if you are lucky will fly by. Then you and everyone you love will be dead. I’m not trying to make you feel sad here. Simply pointing out the reality. So when everything is this fleeting, is there really point in being angry at anyone, doubly so if that someone is a person who you hold dear?

Life is too short for that shit.

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