How to Eat Real Food

Real FoodBecoming Healthy Post Series

1. Exercising Every Day

2. Getting Enough Protein

3. Improving Sleep Quality

4. Eating Real Food (This)

How to Eat Real Food

When was the last time you ate real food?

No, I mean real food. Food made from pure, natural ingredients.

Well, the closest you can get these days is something that’s cooked from all-organic ingredients from start to finish. When was the last time you had a meal like that? Some health nuts/hippies might say recently, but most of you will say that it’s been a while / not ever.

Even if you cook your food from basic ingredients, if it’s not organic, it’s loaded up with pesticides and other stuff that’s not so good for you. Yes, you would be lot better off than eating something that comes out of a package, but it still doesn’t count as a real food, not in a way your grandparents knew it, at least. So what I’m saying here? Go all-organic? Well by means, if it’s possible and practical for you, do that shit! If not… Well, you should eat organic at least some of the time. And most of my readers will probably go to the latter category. Personally my dream is to go all-organic at some point of my life, but that the moment that’s simply not possible.

Three Levels of Food Sources

1. All organic food, real food. Closest to what your grandparents ate. Regardless of what it is, it being free of all processing makes it behave in your body the way it should. Of course nothing is free of chemicals in that day and age, but going all-organic means you will only get the trace amounts that are everywhere anyway. It is the cleanest alternative around.

2. Cooking food from basic ingredients that are non-organic. You still expose yourself to all kinds of stuff like pesticides and stuff like antibiotics from animals products you eat, but you would be already well ahead of the pack if you ate only food from this category. I think it’s fair to say that you could lead a healthy life eating only food from this bracket. That said you would still be ingesting some additives and it definitely would not be the best possible thing for you.

3. Packaged food from grocery store. All kinds of ready made foods that come out of a package, think of convenience foods, all kinds of crap treats, sweets and snacks… etc. Also fast food and the like goes under this category. This is the bottom of the barrel and should be avoided at all costs. I wouldn’t even call it food, it’s sufficed to call it crap. Basically, processed crap.

So what should you do? I’ll recommend the same I recommend within my book, Healthy Eating: Start eating organic occasionally.

You want to cut all level three foods from your diet, at least for most of the time. Let’s face it, most of that crap tastes good. I eat some of it too. Hell, I binge on it at times. But for most of the time I steer clear from it. If you maintain level 2 most of the time and have level 1 good amount of the time, you can succumb to level 3 on rare occasion. Eating organic is the simplest diet hack you can do.

Do the decision to start eating more organic food today. Your body will thank you. Now, of course there is a whole world to eating healthy food, but that’s why there is my book, Healthy Eating. You don’t need to buy my book to make great strides towards better health. Just implement the four guidelines I give in these four posts and you will already see a significant shift. Then once you know that I’m not bullshitting you, feel free to come back to get my book as well for further instructions.

Hope you enjoyed this series of posts, as usual do share what you thought! I’m gonna get back to usual business soon which means not so much health information. Though don’t forget it’s awesome to be fit.

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