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Healthy Eating

What’s up? My book’s “opening” day went relatively well – I received 198 downloads altogether, didn’t quite break the 200 mark, but I’m relatively happy that I managed even that number with the limited platform I have. Early signs don’t point to sales picking up well though – might be that I fall quite the way short from my original goal. Still, like I said, I’m very satisfied with how it has gone so far. So to further promote my book, I’ll start writing a series of posts next week calling “Becoming Healthy”, where I focus on some points of my book and teach you some basic things.

I don’t intend to straight use the book’s material, but instead I’m gonna just write short on-point articles and then mention the book in the end as a source of further information. That said, they will be complete lessons as well that are gonna already add value on their own to your life. I don’t want to just push my book – I want people who got it already to benefit from the posts as well, and you not to need to get the book to implement the lessons.

That’s my goal, after all, to just provide insane value for people. Sure, I want to charge money for it every now and then, but it’s only fair given I have to eat, and I have other dreams for my life than just sit at a keyboard – but I still do enjoy giving value much more than getting it.

So in the end even if no-one of the 198 free downloads does anything to help my book to spread, if even one of them sees their life change for the better for reading it, I’m happy.

There’s always the perspective that if I only did this for money, I’d be despairing right now with low sales and fearing all my effort went to waste. It didn’t. I did some good shit here, learned a few lessons, and maybe delivered some value to some people.

You do the things in your life just to do them, no to gain anything from them.

Jesus, I try to just post my opening day downloads and it turns into a whole philosophical preach. Guess I better end now.

If you grabbed a copy of the book, let me know in the comments, and if you already have some thoughts to say as feedback, don’t hesitate.

Oh, and Healthy Eating is still priced at only 99 cents, but that’s not gonna be there all week. Go grab your copy while it’s still practically free!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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