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Healthy Eating

So, my book is finally available at Amazon, just in time to make it for official release date. Not only that, I’ve decided to lower the price from the initial starting point I thought… but that won’t matter cause you can get it for free tomorrow!

Grab your copy here.

So What’s Healthy Eating About?

It’s mostly what it says on the tin, nutritional information. I really worked hard to research for this, but as a perfectionist you afterwards always think you could have done even more.

Still, I’m very happy with what I managed to do. The book is 25 000 words long, which makes it nice balanced lenght – concise, but it still has plenty of good information, in fact everything I can even imagine you would need to achieve very healthy life indeed.

Of course most of my current audience isn’t exactly targeted for needing nutritional advice, but we will see what happens with this – I’m starting a hard marketing campaign from here on.


As I said, pricing is set lower than I initially thought, but it’s of course gonna get up over time.

For tomorrow the book is gonna be available for free. After that the price is gonna hike up to $0.99 for roughly couple of days, before going up to $2.99 and after a week to it’s final price $8.97.

I’m gonna finally price this pretty high cause Healthy Eating is a very comprehensive book. Short length adds to this as I believe best books are concise.

Is it gonna do well in the tough marketplace? Who knows, but I’m feeling kinda good about it.

Of course I hope all of my readers grab a free copy tomorrow and support me any way they can, by sharing the book in social media, etc. But whatever you feel the book merits.

Sales Goal

Now I have set an audacious sales goal. I have no platform, no name, no nothing, pretty much. I am not really even considered an authority in this niche. So I have no idea what to expect. My gut feeling is saying that maximum is something like 100 sales. But I’m not gonna aim that low. I’m aiming for what amount of sales I need. Yeah, NEED. And I need a lot.

1000 sales is my aim. Is that totally ridiculous and audacious? Yes!! Am I gonna add that goal to my list of failures that already extends very long… I think many of my readers still remember the failed 7 books in 7 days challenge…

But whatever, I still read 2 books that week, and I’m sure if I aim high this time too, even if I miss I will make a lot of sales cause I’m trying my hardest.

I wouldn’t be sorely disappointed if I fall short, but that does mean that I’ll miss trip to Japan with my girlfriend this February *sniffle at the thought*

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