Goals for 2018

Sorry for the background noise in the video, this is why I generally don’t do it on the balcony. Also can tell from my manners and expressions it has been a while since I last made videos consistently.

As I say in the above intro, I wanted to take a full week to really figure the really important facets of my life, the ones that count most and that I value the highest. That was what I have been doing all week and as a result I am finally writing down the goals now at the end of the first week of the year.

As I stated in the video, I decided to divide the goals to one goal that takes precedence over others as well as secondary goals that serve the over-arching purpose. What is that purpose? There is no need for me to get into detail here, but obviously to put it simply that is just to BECOME AWESOME as you would expect.

Primary goal: Have a Muay Thai fight

The more carefully you define your goal as measurable, the better the goal is. However this one does not really need much of an explanation. A fight is any sanctioned fight. I am not expecting with barely over a year of mostly self-training with occasional gym visit that I would be ready for a pro-fight, but I am sure there is appropriate level of competition I can partake.

Just sparring in the gym does not count, though obviously in preparation I will be doing that as well.

People have been wondering what drives me to do it, but actually martial arts has been something that has been something of a hidden interest since young age. Moving to Thailand and starting to watch UFC for last couple of years have acted as final catalysts and since I am hitting 30 soon, it is really the last call to make something happen.

Also there is the want to experience the primal thrill of the hand-to-hand combat with another man. I don’t know if I will enjoy it all, maybe I will get knocked the fuck out and hate it afterwards. All I know is that after I experienced it, I will not be wondering any what-if scenarios. In the past football (soccer) has been my primary athletic passion and in that sport, I always loved being the gritty, tough as nails type of player who would get bloodied up and bruised during the matches.

Of course, there is a world of difference between being combative in relatively soft sport like football and actually kicking and punching the living shit out of someone. Long story short, I most probably will be suffering some broken bones for the first time in my life in the coming years

Secondary goals:

  • Read 15 books
  • 50 posts on Becoming Awesome.
  • Rewrite and publish 2nd Edition of Healthy Eating
  • Going out average of 5 days a week

There is a little bit of a danger that the above four goals are a little bit too arbitrary to really stick, which is weird considering I spent all week pondering about these things only to have to finally decide just on the spot, but lets dissect them more anyway.

Even if they are a little bit arbitrary, there is some method behind the madness. First goal is to read a lot of books. I have always found the experience of reading a lot of books extremely beneficial for me. That being said, I never was much of a bookworm. My best year was 14 books in a year and I have not since come close.

Hence I set the target to 15 to set a new record. I initially wanted to go as high as 52, but realizing that week one is already over and I am only 10 % in the first book that I am reading this year, it would obviously be too high goal. Then I thought a book every two weeks would be good, so it dropped to 26, but then I realized that I would still be behind the pace, and it would nearly double my record.

It is like setting your target bench press to 200 kg when you are benching 100kg at the moment. Perhaps possible, but it would have to be the primary goal, not a secondary one.

So I will target moderate improvement. My thinking quality is always vastly up reading many books, not to mention it trains you for that more focused, quieter state of mind that is very important for being successful in anything. It is also a good relaxing counterbalance for all the tough combat-training.

As for 50 posts for the blog, that is literally just roughly every week except that I already missed one week, so setting it bit under every week. The goal is to make sure I satisfy my creativity need. Added benefits is the fact that I will be observing myself communicating on a pretty much weekly basis, so that will automatically make me a better speaker, both in a public setting and socially.

It doesn’t really matter to me whether my blog will grow as a result, though it would be nice if it did. I am not doing this for any financial or attention incentive though, the blog is just a record of the evolution of my consciousness as well as just means of expressing my personality.

It has been over five years now since I published the only book that I have fully written, edited and laid out for everyone to see, Healthy Eating. While I don’t think that most of the information in that book is outdated, my attitude and mindset towards nutrition might have shifted a little bit. Furthermore in hindsight I never really felt happy with the end product.

Again there is no financial incentive to go back and improve it, the book was not critical success but it was not atrociously received either, it had a little drip of sales for a year or two that eventually dwindled as the competition got more fierce. The only reason I want to improve and update the book is just for my personal pride.

It is not like I feel ashamed of what I did, I just want to go back, revise and improve the book to be even more useful so I feel like it deserves to have my name on it. So that I feel like it is work worthy of representing me as a person.

Working on the book will also put me in a health-conscious state of mind which will support my fight preparation, getting to fight weight and all that good stuff – I want to look ripped by the time I get into the ring.

Finally there is the most vague and arbitrary goal of them all – going out. What does it even mean? Well in this instance I define going out to a public venue to socialize with someone in a non-professional context. Perhaps the latter part is unnecessary to mention given that I make my money online so I don’t meet anyone professionally, but who knows where life goes so it is important to have exact definitions.

The reason I add this goal is that since I have been more family life -oriented there has been a tendency to revert into my usual hermit mode that led to all my original problems that I had in the beginning of this blog.

It is something that is very simply cured by simply being involved with people enough. Hopefully it can also be a goal in good synergy with my Muay Thai goal, since I will be out and about anyway doing my training, so hanging out before or afterwards is not a too big of an ask.

Why 5 days? Well I need consistency for it to be really useful, but at the same time I am not really sure if I can realistically expect myself to be able to maintain it every day for a year or even close to it. However I don’t think five day average is a bridge too far.

Mapping out the goals

My initial target when I originally decided to fight Muay Thai somewhere early in 2017 was to get my fight before turning 30. Despite consistent training and my best efforts, I am not quite sure if I will be fight ready by March, but I will not be far off and if a proper opportunity arises, it is possible. More realistic target though is to do it in the April / May range.

Which would mean the first 1-2 months would include lot of skillwork, leading into another couple of months of more intensive training to be fully conditioned for the fight. Within that time frame, I should be able to adequately perform the basic techniques by end of February or at least in March, then condition myself to last full match-length of high intensity training by end of April.

Rest of the stuff is all about building the consistency and then just maintaining it. After achieving the first fight the Muay Thai might still remain the primary goal, however that will be the time for re-evaluation. Did I enjoy it? Did I dislike it but see potential to continue anyway? That is something to be decided when that time comes.

As for reading, that should be gradual increase starting at four books first four months, then five books next four months, six books at the final third to make up the full fifteen, which would set me up to read 18 books in 2019 if I just retain that speed. Nothing impressive, but massive improvement. I am not here to impress anyone with my reading after all.

Looks like I am way past 1500 words already, so I will be done with this post for now. I might post even more careful rundown of the planned timeline of the year, though I am not big fan of too careful planning. It might help in putting a fire under my ass though.

That will be something for the future weeks though, or maybe just something I write for myself and don’t share. As for now, drop a comment if my post provoked any thoughts.




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