Goals for 2013

I did write already about how I’m going to set goals for this year, and the idea was fairly clear – commit to less, complete more.

During the Christmas time I spent a lot of time thinking about my long-term goals in-between all the playing games and eating junk food. I figured that since writing seems something I’m not only good in and passionate towards, it’s definitely something I need to commit more to. I shared my statistics in my looking back at 2012 post and if anything they tell me that I’m not writing enough – not for someone who is looking to commit to mastery in his craft.

They say that you need 10 000 hours to become world class at something. That’s three hours a day every day for a decade. Not just over half an hour a day. So if I’m looking to hit the top level which I’m striving towards, I really need to up my output.

But is writing what I really strive to be great in over the long-term? That’s where my thinking often got stuck. A key realization in there for me was that growth is the key thing for me. Stuff like travel, challenging myself, taking on some different, smaller goals will always need to be there for me to become the person I want to be. Who is that person? The image in my mind is fuzzy, but I know I won’t become that person if I stay inside the next decade, just typing.

That’s not my path. But is 3 hours a day doing that? Certainly not. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for me to expect me to increase my work output, not just writing but work ethic in general. As my girlfriend so beautifully puts it, writing is my flair. So I should commit to it, for real, and start doing the hard work, day in, day out, to slowly some day be the master writer I dream of being.

So after all that, I decided that my first goal this year is to start writing 3 hours a day, every day, like the professional I aspire to be.

I won’t start doing it right away, no, I’m going to simply slowly keep pushing my limit and trying to increase the average output.

After that had been decided, my attention turned to perpetual problem that I had had ever since I had quit winning in poker – money. It seems I’m constantly lacking money. There was a time in my past where I didn’t worry about money at all. Not that I was rolling in money, but I had it abundantly compared to my needs. I want that time back. It’s so frustrating planning a trip to Japan while not being able to be certain if you have anything to eat during the last days.

I know it could be worse, but how embarrassing it is for an adult man to not be able to figure out an income for himself? Very much so.

So that is my second goal – get my income sorted. My short-term plan is to move to Malaysia to live with my girlfriend, and I won’t need a lavish income to do that – Malaysia is a cheap country to live in – but given I’m starting from an income level that’s probably like an average of 200 € a month I really do need to increase it. Not only that, I need to make it location independent.

For me to do this easily, I’m looking at what things are bringing me income right now, which are…

  1. Working for my dad, doing grunt work in his company.
  2. Doing freelance writing etc. on Fiverr.
  3. Selling books on Kindle.
  4. Doing affiliate sales through my niche site.

First one out of those is instantly eliminated – it’s not location independent by any stretch of imagination. Of course I will keep helping dad as long as I’m in Finland, but that won’t solve my income issues over long term.

Second one is what is the most appealing to me – it’s not passive income, but it is location independent. It also converges with my writing goal as most of my gigs up on Fiver are writing gigs.

Third one can match up to the second one – again it converges with writing and is pretty much fully passive. It is much more delayed gratification compared to Fiverr, though, but rewards for your work CAN be higher.

Fourth is another good one – but it’s very limited in its income potential. That said, there’s a lot more that could be done with that site, and it definitely could be a valuable asset for a guy like me who doesn’t need a lot of income. Because it’s web site work it does involve writing too.

How much I need then? 1000 € a month actually would be quite sufficient for me to support myself while in Malaysia. Some people say you need to set your goals high to inspire yourself, but to be frank, setting it to like 10 000 € a month doesn’t inspire me at all more. There’s not much I can’t do that I want to do if I would just earn that basic rudimentary income, which I’m not earning at the moment (thus leaving me to live with my parents).

So which one is it? I think all these alternatives measure up pretty well against each other and I could go with any of them. All the wisdom relating to this matter though urge you to commit to one thing at a time, so I’m going to do that.

You know my choice already if you put the pieces together. I said I needed work ethic. I also need to improve my income fast. I said I need to improve as a writer. What better way to do it than to flood myself with an active income through Fiverr? Also, if I for whatever reason don’t get a lot of orders I can still commit time for writing books for Kindle and working on my website.

If this for some reason fails, it’s time for me to get a job – if I don’t get income through unconventional means even the measly target of 1000 € / month, then I simply have to concede to going through conventional means.

So let’s conclude:

Goals for 2013

  • Establish a writing habit of 3 hours a day, every day.
  • Increase your income to 1000 € a month – focusing on established platform at Fiverr. If that fails, get a job.
  • Get yourself to Japan in February.

I really like this – very simple, concise and most importantly FEW goals. That’s pretty much only two things for me to focus on – writing and getting more writing gigs on Fiverr. Let’s see if this simple-minded one thing at a time focus yields results.

As for this blog, I will of course continue to improve it, but that’s something that has to remain being done on its own weight. That said, I will commit to write to my blog every day this January – though it will be more related on raising awareness on my fundraiser and also related on Japan trip in a sense that I need to have the habit of posting every day set before I go to Japan if I’m to have any chances of succeeding in what I am promising. As my early year focus is on Japan, I’m going to put large majority of my effort this January to pushing my fundraiser.

Which is exactly going to do now. If you enjoyed my post, if you really crawled through this over 1300-word piece, commit a few seconds more of your time to helping me – open my campaign page, give me a small contribution and then share it with a friend. Doing so would be a massive help for me and I certainly will remember those first few people who contributed in my project and helped me to make this unlikely Japan project true.

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