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I brushed the topic of what is going to happen now to me in my previous post. I know that the most likely I’ll be staying in Finland at least until end of the summer. But what after that?

I think it was as early as 2009 I pledged to myself I wouldn’t stay in Finland for another winter. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Finland. I enjoy every summer here. Emphasis on the word “summer”. Winter, on the other hand… Not so much. I’ve really grown to dislike cold. So even as early as that, I made the pledge to get away from here, to live somewhere warmer and more pleasant. Well, rest is NOT history. Winter after winter I’ve struggled through here.

Now it has to stop though, and I have gotten a girlfriend in MUCH warmer country. At least it makes the choice of what warm country to go so much easier. I have to get to the Malaysia – not only to avoid harsh Finnish winters, but also to finally end the period of torturing long-distance relationship.

So what’s stopping me? The same thing as always – finances. I made finances one of my main goals for 2013 and everything is converging in such a way that they will be pivotal in anything else I do from now on. I have to finally get this thing done.

The Plan

What I’ve always lacked, really, is a plan. For the most part the sporadic action that I do take has been a bit aimless, lacking thrust behind it, cause in all honesty I really have had no fucking idea what I’ve been doing. So now for once I’m going to plan this thing, starting with the end in mind, instead of just taking aimless action and seeing where it takes me. No more wandering around, it’s time to decide a destination on the map and figure out what route takes me there.

Destination, as said, is easy to figure out – Malaysia. But it is beyond just pointing out a place in the map.

What Would It Actual Entail to Move to Malaysia?

To move to Malaysia, a few things have to happen first. I’d need…

  • Some regular income to sustain living there.
  • Nest egg of money to get set-up.

Or in short, money. Of course there’s lot of other things to consider as well, like visas and stuff like that, but I’m no expert in that, so I’m not going to get to that.

I myself figured I’d need around 2000 € nest egg and at least  1000 € of regular income a month. Malaysia might be cheap country to live, but I’d rather aim for having extra instead of trying to penny-pinch my way through like I’ve always done.

I think earning 2000 € before end of summer is a realistic goal for me even if I don’t do anything. If I just keep up what I’ve done so far, which is the occasional day of manual labor, and doing sporadic writing gigs on Fiverr, I’ll probably accumulate enough by the end of summer. Not to be arrogant though, I nearly screwed up Japan because of over-estimating these avenues. But lets say that I don’t need to do that much of effort to achieve that goal, it more or less becomes automatically achieved if I just achieve the latter, given I have practically no expenses at the moment.

Setting Up 1000 € / Month Income Stream

Well, there’s basically two alternatives to this. Let’s go through those. I either…

  1. Create the income online using the methods that have already brought me results (Kindle, Fiverr).
  2. Get a job in Malaysia.

I would say that “no prices for guessing which I’m gonna go for”, but actually my choice isn’t as straightforward – actually I think I’m gonna sort of go for both.

I would be all for Kindle/Fiverr income escalation but the thing is… I’m not sure if it’s gonna scale up to 1000 € a month or more that easy. If we consider my aim to get to Malaysia to be at the end of August,  I only have a bit over 20 weeks. Of course I’m not starting at 0 – I’m starting at something like 100 €/month, but it still means I should get my income up by 50 € every week.

Is it possible? Sure. But I have a bad tendency to fall short of my goals, and also it’s not entirely in my hands. Sure, I can work hard to create passive and active income sources, but in the end that kind of income is always susceptible to external influences so no matter how hard and well I work, I might not make it. That’s why I intend to incorporate getting a job in Malaysia as a part of my strategy.

The good thing is that in all of this I can still focus on one main thing – writing.

How come, you ask? Well obviously all of my Fiverr gigs pretty much are, what… writing, exactly. And, when I create books for Kindle… yes, I’m writing again. And what kind of work would I look for in Malaysia… yes, you’re starting to get it, writing work! So no matter what I were doing, all of it would in the end be writing, so my focus wouldn’t be splattered all over the place.

Of course getting a J-O-B wouldn’t be easy for a guy like me. I look a little bit sketchy, I have absolutely no credentials, am introverted and not socially most smooth person you could come across… But I still believe it’s possible. I at the very least believe I could easily pull off writing work in Malaysia.

Putting It All Together…

I already put it all together – in a sense, anyway. I already formed my daily schedule. In essence, this plan would be the contents of the work-modes scheduled there. But lets get more concrete here. How am I going to form 1000 € of income doing Kindle and Fiverr?

Well, using the estimate of every Kindle book earning me 50 € / month on average, I’d need to write 20 books. That means book a week. Well, not impossible, but incredibly arduous. Also, in the end the average might turn out to be too optimistic (though my current only book is earning actually much more than that, but you can’t form a principle on basis of one instance).

It’s unrealistic for me to expect that I’d write that many books. So instead I’m going to aim for 10 books in that same time frame. In other words, every other week I’d need to have to release something new. Meanwhile I’d slowly increase the influx of Fiverr orders by adding to the number of gigs – last time I went up to 17 gigs and found myself overwhelmed by work, so I know there’s opportunities out there, if I just work hard.

I will be writing my books under a pen name and it’s certain type of fiction I am natural writing at, thus making the book every other week pace possible. I won’t be publishing them here, but I will be keeping you updated how that goes.

All Three Prongs of the Attack:


  1. Start a platform under my pen name and create some free short stories on bigger sites hosting this kind of fiction.
  2. Constantly create new content during the week
  3. Edit and revise the material during weekend preceding the launch
  4. Launch the new book
  5. Rinse and repeat


  1. Do good work, deliver early, keep up with the orders
  2. Increase workload by adding gigs
  3. Keep doing good work and keeping up.
  4. Increase workload.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Getting a job

  1. Create a profile to major job search sites of the area.
  2. Write a good CV.
  3. Start applying on any interesting positions.
  4. Get to interviews
  5. Ace them and get a job or rinse and repeat

There you go. Now the hard part – actually following through with the plan.

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