Fuck You, Shut the Fuck Up, And Get to Work!


Unfair. They don’t have to get to work!

I’ve done my new schedule for three days now, and this morning the resistance is hitting me really hard. So instead of dwelling on it, I’m kickstarting my work-mode by writing a blog post. I really got to get to work again, to the real work – this blog is just a hobby at the moment.

The new schedule is working brilliantly, though of course I was using the alternate, weekend version of it. So overall the productivity of the day was lower, but it still ranked as high as #7 in my all-time best days. So I have now three days from this week in my all-time top ten most productive days – and I’m sure today will deliver the fourth. Gotta say that I’m glad. It’s funny that the same day I posted about my point system, Seth Godin wrote about proxies – that’s what the point system exactly is, a system to measure my productivity, proxy for something that really is more complicated to measure.

But it has not been a bed of roses. Working this much doesn’t come natural to me. I don’t know if it comes naturally to anyone… Well all my dad does is work, so guess it comes naturally to him? But even he doesn’t get up 7 every morning to work like a robot. That’s how I’ve felt at couple of moments during past few days.

Get to Work!

So at times I have to resort to a bit harder self-talk. During the second day I was approaching the end of my second work-mode, but there was still at least an hour to go, which as you probably know, feels like an eternity. I started thinking all of the other things I have to do – maybe I’ll post about them later on – and started feeling like I gotta shorten the work-mode in long-term to have enough time for other stuff.

It was just my mind in a rationalization cycle. My mind does that often. It usually ends up convincing itself that unfavorable, lazy action is the best when it obviously isn’t. So I dwell on my laziness a bit, before finally snapping out of it. I said to myself “Fuck you, shut the fuck up, get to work!” Then proceeded convincing myself that if I could manage it yesterday, why I couldn’t do it again today? I knew I was just not liking it cause it was hard and I wanted to take it easy on myself. But that’s not how growth happens. So I drudged along for the last hour, the progress was very slow cause I was still resisting it, and I was cluttered from working all day. Still, I put the time in.

Now granted, the evening work-mode has become more of a free-for-all. The five hours I have for breaks during the day is a bit tight to fit everything I need to do. So I usually cut back on the evening work-mode just to get everything else done. It’s possible, but I’m dragging my feet as it is and also I’m a very slow eater (like, slowest you’ll ever see), so the breaks REALLY could use more time.

But instead of caving in on my inner pressure, I’ll rather force myself to adapt. To become more efficient when dealing with rest of my life. We all have too little time. Deal with it, bitch.

Another counter-argument to working towards the end of work-cycles is the law of diminishing returns. My real productivity truly dips after couple of hours. But it’s again just a matter of lack of practice. My reasoning for stopping working therefore is that I would be more effective doing something else – which is true – but I won’t develop stamina to work effectively longer if I don’t drudge through those dips.

So in a nutshell, it makes sense to keep on working even if you don’t feel like it, cause you get more done and develop your capacity, not to forget discipline. And the way I get to work… Is by cursing at myself. Hey, I’m not telling you it works. But you can try calling yourself a little bitch next time you feel like not working and see it if works in kicking your ass into action.

Is that a healthy way of going about things? I don’t know, hard to say, you tell me what you think.

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