Four Months to Income Challenge

There’s still two weeks to go in my Spiral of Awesomeness™ Challenge, but as it no longer challenges me, I’m going to start my next challenge concurrently with it. I will still complete the eight weeks of the original challenge, just piling more challenges on top of it. In this post I will introduce my new Four Months to Income Challenge.

So What Is This New Challenge All About?

As I stated a long while ago, I’m set to move to Malaysia at some point in the near future. I’ve now committed since that post to make that happen at January of this year. Another thing that relates to my new challenge is the goal I set at the start of the year, in my post about goals for 2013 - I set out to increase my income to €1000. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it, certainly a very basic goal. Perhaps it tells of my dysfunction as a person that it’s been so long that I’ve been unable to complete it.

If you have a look at the goals I set for 2013, you can notice that I’ve already completed the other two goals. So if I could complete that one, I’d probably for the first time ever complete all the goals I set for myself at the start of the year. So I’m set out to really hustle for it. Of course, a thing like that is also not completely in my own hands – but I’m at least set to give my all to the process, results come if they come.

From Fiverr to oDesk

This challenge will be a bit different compared to the Spiral of Awesomeness™ for it will be more fluid. Every week there will be a new goal, and every week the actions I take will be different. Essentially it is something I move along reacting to the currents of how my endeavor is going.

First week’s goal is simple enough – to work for two hours every day towards my income creation, with the ultimate goal that at the end of the week my oDesk account is all ready and I’m well equipped to attract people to hire me. Weekends are off, however, in this challenge. I won’t go with “do everything everyday” approach like I do with Spiral of Awesomeness™.

Yes, my aim has changed from my already well set-up Fiverr platform to oDesk. I see oDesk to simply have more growth potential and also for some reason, despite adding more and more gigs, my Fiverr hires are decreasing, not increasing. Besides, with the low rate I would get at Fiverr, I’d need to work really hard to get even to that 1000 € of income. So oDesk simply seems more feasible and I already have earned more from there over last two months than from Fiverr.

As for rewards, initially there is no reward set. Yes, kind of going against the principles laid out in some other posts, but I indeed DO have a reward thought, I just can’t use it yet because it breaks the rules of Spiral of Awesomeness™ Challenge. I intend to include a cheat-day to my diet starting after that challenge, but if I complete my weekly tasks I expand it to a whole cheat weekend. But explaining that is for some other post that relates more to nutrition.

Not setting any other rewards is simply matter of leverage – you set the reward if you need a leverage to get yourself moving. I don’t need a leverage right now – the pain of having barely any income is already a one, and another is the fact that I fucking need to move to Malaysia in January. I won’t want to be two years into the relationship without even living in the same country as my girlfriend, the prospect of it is completely absurd. Besides, to really change my life I need to get moving. I’m turning 26 in seven months, after all.

Haven’t I Heard This All Before?

You might be thinking that you have. I certainly have. I’ve heard these decisions from myself many times before. Something is different this time, though. Spiral of Awesomeness has kinda done what its name suggests. It has built up some discipline into me. It has built work ethic. It has built focus. I feel like I’m better equipped to tackle this goal.

Last few weeks has been the most productive period of my life and I have no doubt it will continue to be like that. In fact, Spiral of Awesomeness is starting to bore me. Like it doesn’t challenge me enough. As if my mind and body is CRAVING for more challenge. So I’m going to give it that. I’m going to keep pushing myself. Try to reach new limits of mental and physical capacity. Go for the edge.

I know I set to this journey to get it easy, to live the four-hour week lifestyle. But now I’m wanting to become the guy who just breezes through 80-hour work weeks. I know, it sounds absurd to hear something from a lazy guy like me, but that’s where I look to be some day. Time will tell if I am, or if I can become intense enough to do stuff like that. That’s not to say I want to be working 80 hours a week as a lifestyle, just saying that I want to be CAPABLE of that.


Another thing I’d certainly like to incorporate to this challenge is doing a weekly video blog (Vlog) about it. Everyone knows I want to improve my speaking skills, and though I think they have massively improved over the last year or so, they are still pretty crappy compared to everything that is out there. This is internet, so I’m competing for attention with the best, there’s simply no two ways about it. So essentially I will just have to accept that most people won’t give a shit about my videos.

So, why not simply do Vlog type videos where I just talk about whatever has been going on and riff off of that, instead of thinking through ready concepts etc. to present to people? I get the same amount of practice in, and who knows, the videos might even be more entertaining. They’d certainly be faster to create. Now I’m only undecided as to whether I should do multiple videos during the week, or do multiple videos but combine them to one video at the end of the week, or finally if I should simply create one video on the weekend and be done with it. Decisions for me.

I would have done a video for this post as well, but I’m just so short on time constantly that I was not able to pull that off.

In any case it seems likely that you will start getting more frequent blog posts than once in a week. Kind of two concurrent series going on – my Monday posts where I essentially try to present concepts and provide value, and my Vlogs every weekend where you can follow the progress of my challenge. Not to say they will be valueless, but generally my videos get only 5-15 views and I think that only ten per cent watch the videos through, so I’m not expecting a lot of views. Initially creating the videos was tough and uncomfortable, but now it is kind of a fun hobby that I will gladly do just for myself.

So yeah, that certainly is a mouthful overall. If this prompts any thoughts in you, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

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