Four Months To Income Challenge Ends… In Under a Month

Spiral of Awesomeness really sent me into a spiral of… well, awesomeness. It is evident from the fact that my next challenge took me only a month to complete. That’s right, my Four Months to Income Challenge is already over as it’s goal has been achieved. 

Horizons Shifting

My life is undergoing a pretty fast period of transitioning at the moment. First half of the years was a pretty bad slump from me, but ever since July I’ve been blasting off and now I’m starting to reach the point where I’m going to escape gravity – well, so to speak anyway. I guess more appropriate way of putting it would be reaching an orbit. I’m not going to get into details but through my work I now have a steady income and pretty full schedule.

That of course leaves me to handle with completely shifted horizon. My inclination is to start a new challenge very soon, cause as last three months of my life have shown, I really respond to that kind of mode, but the thing is that I am going to be simply too busy to focus on any challenges for now. Once I’ve adjusted to my new life (which essentially just has me do the same workload regular people do), I might start thinking about adding some further challenge to it, but for now I’m contended to just keep doing what I’ve been doing.

That is, I am going to keep reading an hour every day, I’m going to stick to meditation and I’m definitely gonna take good care of my physical shape by exercising hard. One thing will change, though.

Twelve Week Challenge Turned to 100 Days

As of yesterday’s three hours of writing having been done, I have now completed three hours of writing for 98 days in a row. I am going to end this challenge to a nice round number of 100.

Why not keep going, you ask? Wasn’t writing three hours one of my goals at the beginning of the year? Well, definitely it was, and I’m going to keep writing a bit every day, as I’ve done for nearly 500 days in a row now, but as my workload is going to really intensify over the coming weeks, I am choosing to cut down on writing. I know now I am capable of doing that three hours of writing a day, it simply won’t be practical as I’m adapting to my lifestyle shift. In my current phase of life this will be the best decision.

In the past 100 days I’ve written nearly half a million words and it has been an incredible experience in terms of learning self-discipline, focus and forging my work ethic. My record day alone I wrote 7,500 words which is not my all-time record but definitely a ton to be written in just three hours.

Writing will still be very important part of my life, but life is all about balance and for now it needs to be cut back. There’s simply a lot of transitioning ahead of me in next few months. Not only getting used to this increased workload, but also the coming environment change with imminent move to Malaysia. Furthermore, I’ve been secretly planning a trip to US still before Malaysia, but will see if that will be possible a bit later.

Retaining the Balance

While my long-term goal is to achieve relative comfort with working insane (80+ hours a week) workloads, the balance is also important. I can’t just jump to those insane hours, I will have to small step my way to it. The fact is, my current priorities shifted given I now have some sort of finances going on – for me right now it is much more important to start combating my social anxiety and ineptitude rather than going for working even harder. I will need to leave some room in my life for other people in my life, which will be hard enough working 40+ hours every week and doing rest of the stuff I do every day.

For now I will focus on settling into my new pace of life, but I’m sure I will do some sort of challenge still before December comes – after all, there’s plenty of time before that.

For my blog nothing will change, I will focus on pounding out this one weekly update, and once I fix my computer, you might even start to see some videos again. I bought myself even a new microphone so the sound quality will improve again as well.

So yeah, this is today’s post, not so informative for most of you I admit, but I also needed to get that challenge thing updated. I am really excited for where my life is headed at.

As always, feel free to hit me up with a comment.

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