Forget About Four-Hour Work Week

four-hour work week

I know this has nothing to do with four-hour work week. Or I guess that’s the idea of four-hour work week for most people.

I think many people aspiring for passive income have a flaw in their thinking. Or not just people aspiring for passive income – most of the people in general. I’m of course talking of the whole four-hour work week trend, or rather aspiration for it.

Instead of aspiring to work for four hours a week, how about aspiring to put in 80-hour workweeks? That’s difference between me and most people blogging about passive income on the internet. Instead of me trying to game the system to get away with working less, I’m trying work my way up to having the habits to actually pull of 80-hours workweeks without having external structures that force me to do that. That’s the point, after all? To become people of more value, not to become some slackers who just posted something to internet and siphon money off it.

Instead of aiming for four hours of work to spend rest of the time doing what I want, I WANT to start working 80 hours a week. Seriously, if I could, I’d now be working 80 hours a week. I simply don’t have the mental willpower muscles nor the habits built up yet to pull that off. I’m sure though that I will eventually.

Then again, I differ from most people in fundamental way. Most people aspire for a lot of free time to do fun stuff, and to consume. I aspire to create, create and then create some more. That’s the ultimate goal. Even now, most of my time is spent either 1) creating 2) maintentance (eating, fitness, etc.) 3) procrastinating on creating – not too much consuming taking up my time any more.

If I could hack to do 80 hours worth of work in 4 hours, sure, I’d be all for it. But guess what I would do for rest 76 hours? Work some more! Create more value for people. Put 20 of those 4-hour work weeks in. Think about that, would be pretty insane productivity.

This might sound absurd from a person who’s not managed many posts on the blog last month, and who’s lazy enough to just put kitten pictures on articles cause he just doesn’t bother with anything else, but that’s my genuine aspiration. Idea of being able to work 80 hours a week sounds exciting to me. But I don’t want to be externally forced to it – I know that’s torture – but instead internally driven to want to work and put value to the world for all I’m worth.

While I might not yet be able to put in 80-hour workweeks, I think I’ve gone above four at least lately. I have a big announcement coming up regarding what’s been on the works. On November 30th something huge happens!

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