Five Months After Japan

I’m still on my Spiral of Awesomeness™ Challenge, with two weeks completed now, but I’m not gonna talk about this today. Instead, I delved back into making a video first time in a while.

Youtube user Van Hohenheim suggested I’d do an update a longer time after Japan going through more how it affected me, so I took the bait and recorded a video for today discussing it. The end result is just about as vague video as the original conclusion was, with me also showing clear signs of lacking fundamentals in front of camera with poor eye contact, lot of stuttering and looking down.

That said you might find some value in the stuff I say. If you want to spare a few minutes the basic gist of the video is that travel is eye-opening, horizon-broadening experience, but one that doesn’t just flip your life around if you’re not having the right habits.

Check out my video below…

Made sense? Let me know in the comments. See you again next week, maybe this time I’ll spend all week trying to create a great video… then again, maybe not.

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