Failure Does Not Exist

My campaign is winding down, with only four days left. The amount raised still shows nice round 0. I think it’s safe to say that unless something freak happens that will be the end result as well. So one could indeed said that my campaign failed. I’m not going to get into the reasons why it happened, but instead focus on moving forward.

Which is why this is a good spot to talk about the paradigm that failure does not exist. There’s only success, or lessons learned. Also I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “every failure is a brick in my palace.” - It points to a similar line of thinking.

In this case, the lessons learned were that I still lack urgency and that I still don’t work nearly enough (in fact recent weeks admittedly have been among the laziest of recent years, in a time when I desperately needed to be at my most industrious). Thanks to everyone who helped me to try to make it a success, if anything I learned that there are few people that do have some believe in me. And you know, I’m not totally giving up on the campaign and I’m sure there are people who want to support this Japan trip, and you can do so. Reality will tell what happens within the last four days of campaign. Whether the amount in the end is 0€, 50€ or in some magical way 1500 €, I’ll be fine.

In the end, this was not a failure. I learned those lessons, and Japan trip is still on – even though I admit to having occasional stress about how I’m going to make it happen with so little money. In the end it doesn’t matter. Failure only exists if you make it exist. I’d create failure in this situation by pulling back from going to Japan citing lack of funds. But no. I’m going to practice follow-through and do it anyway. Fuck excuses. 

I know lack of funds will add difficulty to it, but you know, I also believe that in life you will get exactly the experiences that you need. On rational level that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the underlying belief, kind of blind faith that drives my actions. You need that blind faith if you are ever to realize your dream of becoming awesome. In this case, the experience will be me being forced to follow through despite not having enough money.

Choose to not fail and stay true to your commitment, whatever that is.

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