Dude, You Should Exercise Every Day

Exercise Every Day!

You don’t need fancy equipment to exercise every day…

Whoa, I’ve been busy! Certainly didn’t intend to be silent for a week! Anyway, my promised four post-series  about Becoming Healthy is going to be published here on this blog starting from this post, and I will post all of then during next couple of days up here. My book’s price will be at the low $2.99 for only until 10th of December, after that it’s going to go up. So go get it now, before it’s too late!

Becoming Healthy Post Series

My point with these four posts is to bring you the four most bang for your buck changes in lifestyle that lead into better life. They are, to some extent, derived from my new Healthy Eating Kindle book, but I also want them to offer value as a standalone articles, as well as to be valuable even for those who have already bought the book. So there is gonna be some overlap, but mostly it’s going to content that stands alone.

And don’t worry, I’m not gonna turn this into a health blog, it’s just a facet the grander scheme of things. I’m gonna post up an index of other posts of same series here once I’ve published them. Let’s get into the first article of the series:

Dude, You Should Exercise Every Day!

Sedentary lifestyle is has become an epidemic problem for people all over the world. Our bodies, created to move, are planted in front of the computer all day, either from work reasons, or just us nerds wanting to spend time with our dear devices.

You don’t need me to tell this. It’s been beaten to death, the whole subject. Everyone should move. We should at least exercise, preferably have an active lifestyle as well, with lot of walking and physical exertion involved. Well, if you know it, then why aren’t you doing it?

*Insert an uproar of bullshit excuses*

“Waawaa I’m too busy, I don’t have the time, Waawaa…”
No, that’s not it. You really would have time to exercise. I just saw you watching TV, you don’t think that time could have been used to exercise? What’s that you’re having open on the other tab, lolcats? Yeah, I guess you get my point that it’s not time that’s lacking.

The Real Reason You Are Not Exercising

Anyone who has followed me for longer than two days knows that I’m an advocate of building consistent habits out of the everything you would want to do. That is the reason I’m writing every day, for example.

How did I solve this exercise problem? You don’t need to ask, you can guess it. Very easily: I just decided to start exercising every day.

Now before you start spouting off your excuses on why you can’t do it, about your lack of time and resources and blahblahblah (I really care), let me tell you why most people simply fail in this.

They might make the decision, but because it’s not fully committed and/or is not implemented daily (for example they plan to work out 5 days a week instead of all seven), it all comes down pretty quickly.

How to Fully Commit to Exercise

To never miss a workout again, you need to really make a hardcore commitment with yourself, especially if you’re busy. And I know there is some people out there that truly are busy. That really have 80-hour workweeks and bunch of other commitments as well. But for your health, you have to make that time to work out.

So whatever is the case, be realistic about it and respect it. If all you have for working out is five minutes, then that’s the boundary you are gonna set. “I will work out at least five minutes every day.”

Start small, that’s how I did it. I started with minimum of ten minutes. On days I had more time, I would of course do longer workouts too, but I at least did the ten minutes every day. If you only have five minutes, fine, hit that five minutes hard every day and I guarantee you you are gonna be better off than just looking at lolcats for that spare five minutes.

You might also find out that you indeed have much more than five minutes to workout after all.

The Power of Exercising Every Day

Only chance I could miss a workout day by now would be that I fall sick. Why? Cause it has become so ingrained habit for me. I always have in my mind when I have and haven’t done my workout. That’s why I believe working out should be a daily endeavor. Establishing it into a daily habit just makes it easier to keep up with. If you work out only some days of the week, it’s always gonna kill off some of the momentum when you have off-day.

Now of course I’m not telling you to go to gym and hitting heavy weights hard every day. If you’re not very healthy even a walk could constitute a workout. Find a way of exercise that’s pleasant for you.

Everyone, even the busiest have the time for working out. Hell, if even Richard Branson has time to workout, how could you not? In fact Branson accredited to working out the fact that he has time to work on all of his hundreds of businesses. Working out makes you more energetic anyway, in addition to improving your health, so get off your butt and make that commitment. At least for that five minutes a day, at least for the next 30 days. Who knows what happens after that, all I’m asking you is that.

Have you tried to establish exercising habit before? What problems did you face? Did you succeed? Share your stories in the comments! Also I’d be glad to hear your guesses at how many days in a row I have worked out for.

If you take on the challenge of starting daily exercise, it might be a good time to revamp your whole health now – my new book, Healthy Eating, provides an excellent blueprint for doing just that! And as I said, the $2.99 is going to run out soon, so this is your last chance to spare over five dollars on it.

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