Japan Day 12: Jarkko’s Adventure Approaches Climax

Today’s video was about as meandering as my videos lately have tended to be. Like I tell in the video, I’m really going to put in effort to have the best videos bombed over the coming days as I hit the climax of the trip in Tokyo. Here’s my first, mediocre update from Tokyo:

Comfort zone shift is of course massive from forest walls of Finland to hordes of people in Tokyo. But like I said, I’ve had time to shift into Japanese culture and the cultural shift in the end is what is more drastic change than just the density of people concentrated on same area. Not to mention the forced communication with people.

Speaking of which, its time for me to head out to meet up with my tonight’s host. Hope it will be another positive experience. See you again tomorrow.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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