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You would be surprised but I actually have a lot of drafts in the works. I mean, I guess that is not too much of a surprise considering I have like 7 unreleased videos from early 2015 still in the works, but the point here is that I don’t press publish enough.

So I am gonna do what Seth Godin tells people to do about shipping more. Which in my case means clicking publish more often. I guess I have been bit of  purist when it comes to the blog, vetting the topics that are good enough etc. bit too hard.

The point of the blog is to be a place to dump my thoughts. A record of my journey. It has not been much of a record lately. It is not supposed to be a perfect resume of writing and life lessons, it is supposed to be bit gnarly and rough around the edges like the life it represents.

So I will click publish more. Post short posts, long stream of consciousness post with no points, and yes, the occasional home run post that actually makes sense as well. At least I hope so.

Time to abandon the perfectionism in any case, and ship more! So see ya next time :)

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