Announcing Healthy Eating Ebook

announcing healthy eating

Molli just insists on bothering me always when I do videos. Should lock her up inside.

Alright, time for my big announcement. I am announcing a book! Took you by surprise, huh? I tell you more about it in the vid:

Interesting twist of events, huh?

Healthy Eating, My First Kindle Book

So might as well go over the things again considering I am not the greatest speaker, just to be sure everything got understood.

The book’s name is Healthy Eating, and it will be published on November 30th. Everyone on my mailing list before that will get a free copy, after that it’s going to launch with aprice of $2.99. Then the price is going to hike up to $8.97 after yet undecided period of time.

The book is already all written and ready. All I’m doing at this point is revising and polishing it.

As the name says, it’s about Healthy Eating. But who am I to tell people about healthy eating? Let alone when the book actually surpasses just eating and actually tells about turning your complete lifestyle into a healthier one.

I’ve had passive interest on nutrition and fitness for years now. I’d say since my teens, so for about a decade now. For writing this book, I actually spend probably around 100 hours doing research and then writing it. My aim was to condense the information down into an actionable format, something that in my opinion is lacking despite all the information available on web and on books. It’s a step-by-step blueprint for fixing your diet and whole lifestyle via slow and sustainable way, not some miracle magic pill quick fix fraud to swindle your money.

All the information is backed up by scientific evidence or at the very least strong anecdotal evidence. I didn’t create this book to be fraud – I actually attempted to create the best possible product I could.

I know that most of my readers aren’t here for nutritional information, but given you are going to get book for free if you subscribe, I wholeheartedly recommend you do so. Also given my marketing push that has to start from here and my site being the headquarters for it, the blog’s concentration will slightly shift to health information at least temporarily.

But that’s okay. Becoming healthy is part of becoming awesome (even if isn’t in my current logo), and being fat or unfit certainly isn’t awesome. So in that sense it still fits the wide theme of my site. I won’t be worrying too much about that.

Throw me feedback in the comments for the video or other general opinions!

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