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3 Things I Learned from 100 Travel Days in 2014

To celebrate my 100th day abroad during 2014, I decided to make a video about few key things I learned out of the process. These turned out to be very universal concepts so even if you’re not planning to ever spend months in foreign countries, they are still worth reminding yourself about just to keep yourself on the narrow path.

Now that I’m actually pressing publish I am far beyond 100 days already (think something over 115), and once my Philippines trip is over I will end my 2014 travels at whopping 145 days abroad. Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand and Philippines have been the 7 countries that I’ve visited during these days. I will probably write some kind of post talking about the overall experience of a year and other insights on travel. Stay tuned, exciting times ahead.

Getting Things Right From the Beginning

Today we are gonna delve into a video I made now almost three weeks ago in Pattaya, where I talk about how important it is to get things started right and get everything right from the beginning. Ironically, the video itself turned out a counter-example – what happens when the things go wrong right from the beginning.

I in fact thought I should perhaps scrap or reshoot the whole video, cause its honestly one of the worst videos I’ve made, but at the same time, it beautifully illustrates, how important it is to get things right from the beginning. So let’s quickly go through what went wrong – So first off, I didn’t take a tripod with me, cause I had in the past done solid videos without it when I had friends help me. Then I felt shy to do videos in more public places, so I ended up in a place without much of a scenery and poor lightning. It could’ve still been fine, but I guess my friend would’ve needed more coaching about helping with my camera, it was really shaky and she didn’t have me centered at all. Also it becomes obvious I’m glancing at my notes on my phone because of that.

How To Get Things Right

So let’s quickly reiterate what I said in the video. The initial momentum you have to whatever you’re doing is what sets everything on the way. If you’re out of the gates fast, it makes rest of it easier. But the race isn’t over just after the beginning, you need to keep up the intense pace after that too. So what does this initial momentum mean in more practical examples?

Well for instance, the best thing for me to do first time coming to a new place I’m traveling would be force myself to interact a lot with people at hostel, and have going out with a friend set up already. That why immediately set myself into a social mode in this new environment.

In Istanbul I completely failed to do this. I really had my first fun day out only two weeks into the trip and that was already the last night of the trip. Had I had that night first night, I would’ve been able to have like 1000 % more fun during that trip. Why? Cause I would’ve been familiar with more of the city and in a more extroverted mode. But just because I’ve started trips with extroverted nights its not enough yet – This Thailand trip is a good example of starting things strong (by my standards, meeting up people with regularity, but then having it all kinda fizzle out middle way – which kinda ends up meaning I have to start again almost from scratch.

It works in everything. If you set out for a diet, your first bet should be being out of the gates fast by completely changing what’s in your fridge, then getting the first few days perfectly. If you can’t follow diet even few days, what hope you have for a longer term change?

This is not to say you can’t ease into stuff, but major changes seem to happen with burst in the beginning and then riding with the momentum, and keeping it up. It definitely seems bursts are much more effective way to go about life, but as always, know yourself – what works for me might not be what works for you.

In the end, you never start from completely zero, nothing exists in a vacuum.

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